Life's A Beach - Get out of your slump

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Hey Warriors!
I woke up fairly early this morning wide awake. 6:00AM on a Sunday...

Today I had not intended to do much, and never had much discussion to talk about here either. As I am sitting drinking my coffee and looking at a blank screen I thought back on a dream I had some months ago.

Have you ever had a dream that really influenced how you think?
One that you could not stop thinking about, and maybe even took a lot of important meaning to it?

I Have.... The one I am currently thinking about I actually wrote down and shared with friends. With checking my thread history I cannot believe I hadn't shown it here yet.
So here it is...

Life's A Beach - Get out of your slump
Dream made into a short story interpreting how to get out of a slump and move on with your life. Depicted on a beach scene in first person point of view, and introducing a few characters who take on life challenges.

(Hope you enjoy my dream as much as I did, and provide some with motivation to move on and get there feet wet)
#beach #dreams #life #motivation #slump

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