Effective Use Of Personal Development

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Anybody taking the time to look into personal development is sure to discover that there is no one way to improve ourselves. After writing an article today, I realized I repeated several times that everyone partake in personal development all the time. It is those who are more self aware of what they do to develop there skills that excel over average individuals.

We can all know the best ways to improve ourselves, but what many have difficulty with is being aware of and engaging in opportunities that will effectively improve ourselves. I believe this is often referred to as taking action.

Constantly self aware of your actions and aware of opportunities to engage in that will improve ourselves, along with taking action on those opportunities.
If you can say this about yourself then you are making effective use of personal development.

Anything to add?
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    Hey great post my friend.

    I think another tip for people, that can help them change is staying present in the moment. If there is something that you want to change stay present for example.

    If you're a person thats out of shape and you want to lose weight but you never exercise because of some excuse or "something came up", take not of the thoughts and actions that come up when that time occurs.

    Often times you'll have self-sabotaging actions and thoughts in your way, but taking a moment to actually seek these out can help you reprogram them.

    Oh. And JUST DO IT. People make change too hard for themselves. Just go for it. Don't think! Just jump right in!
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