If all the world's a stage,,,

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Then where is the audience at?

Funny post I seen on another forum, and I had to respond with a thought for them to ponder.

It depends on the part you choose to take.
Do you want to sit back and watch the world? or,,
Do you want the world to sit back and watch you?

This was an appropriate question to bring here for us mind warriors. What person do you want to be? The one who is taking action, and making things happen for the audience of this world to view? Or do you want to be that audience sitting and waiting for things to be made, and events to happen? :confused:

I know what part I want, do you?
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    I've found the perfect combo of getting after it, working and having fun, and then surrendering, and sitting back, letting The Universe figure some stuff out, yields the best results I take cues from both camps because I cannot control everything, yet I also can control some things. Gotta find that perfect mix to take ego out of the equation more and more, and to let God bring success into your life, through the best and quickest means possible. Thanks for the share!
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      I've had this thought twice in my life...

      About 5 years ago I volunteered at the National Achievers Congress here in the UK. A big event with mammoth-name speakers like Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, Tony Robbins, etc...

      I volunteered because I couldn't afford the ticket to go... and I'd sneak away to get a good spot for each of the speakers.

      It was on the second day that I began to get thoughts like...

      "Why's it not me up there?"

      "How do I achieve THAT much?"

      Anyhow... that passed.

      A year or so later I was at Reading Festival for the first time.

      Through multiple mosh pits I found myself separated from my friends... so I just stood and watched The Blackout (?) thinking the same thoughts as before.

      Now don't get me wrong...

      I had no intention of being a musician.

      But I wanted an audience.

      It's also interesting to note that once you start having even the smallest success in your own business, you naturally build that audience through your friend's and family.

      They'll all be sitting back and watching quietly.

      Interesting. :p

      Wealthcopywriter.com :)

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    I look at the world and see nearly everyone desiring to be on the stage but ending up content to sit in the audience.

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    I have spent countless thousands of hours on stage in many stage shows and it's a fantastic feeling. I have also spent countless more thousands of hours in audiences and have appreciated all the effort involved in staging the show.

    Both sides of the "fence" have their positives and negatives but you can't describe what it feels like to be onstage adequately enough to somebody who has never been there and done it.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    all the world is a stage

    we all live in a universe that is itself in a multivers

    the stage of the earth we live on ..allows for a huge number of events to play out .

    where you are on the stage ..or where you entered the stage through birth ..effects the part you play..

    now you can't change where you where born..but you can change where you are and the part you play

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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