10 Tips To Inject Life Force Energy Into Any Business!

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Hi guys,

This is a post I wrote in my Blog. I think you will like this. Let me know what you think!

These days I have noticed that there are tons of people who are taking a serious look at spiritual / intuitive methods and realizing that there are incredible solutions here for their lives and for our world! Currently I have found internet marketing gurus and legends providing spiritual and energy type advice and courses that have absolutely transformed their lives and that can really help people! These gurus include Jonathan Budd, Anik Singal, Joe Vitale, Katie Frieling and tons more!

I found these powerful '10 tips to inject Life Force Energy into any business' in the video by Stuart Wilde on Mastery of Money. Stuart Wilde is a bestselling Australian author and highly successful businessman who has previously written incredible books that I have learned a great deal from over the past several decades.

I am including this Mastery of Money video below. It is an incredible video, but it is over 1 hour long. I have also summarized the 10 tips below the video. I highly recommend that if you don't have time to watch the video, you should read the 10 tips below the video! I think you will get a ton out of this!

Summary of Mastery of Money Video

What Stuart is saying is: Focus in these 10 areas daily and bit by bit the universal law will give you a big flourishing business! If you keep focused in these 10 areas, you will be developing Life Force energy that will get behind you and your business in a powerful way and it will grow and grow and grow! (99.9999% of people in the business world do not understand these things and out of those who understand it only an extremely small fraction implement it, so pay attention!)

1. The product or service has to be unique, fresh & interesting and give your customers a nice feeling that this is different. You don’t need an absolutely revolutionary product or an incredible plan or go to business school. What you need is a shift in your consciousness regarding your business and a shift in your dedication. The product or service has to be something that you love, something that you live and breathe. When you want to serve the community, you’ve got to be good at it. You’ve got to put in as much energy as you can feasibly put into it. You must brainstorm creative and fresh ideas for your business.

Stuart gave several examples. He said even if you are a plumber, you can do it differently or creatively. How about a plumber that also has some aspects of a clown (he doesn’t have an outward appearance of a clown). He pops out of a unique vehicle and wears a unique, colorful uniform. He has a song and dance routine or a slogan that makes people feel better or more confident. The point is you must brainstorm and see what is workable. What will make your business and product unique, fresh and interesting to the customers?

He gave the example of a pizza parlor. Even if there is a row of 17 pizza parlors, you can make yours the most interesting. You can create a hole 20 feet deep that has alligators in it and a rickety bridge and waterfall. Think, brainstorm on what may work. Most people don’t do this. When you do this, you will soon have zero competition.

Regarding this subject of unique, interesting product, and the subject of brainstorming, it is great to have input from Spirit or connect with your gut feelings or your creative right brain. This is not a logical, rational process getting at what you are passionate about that can be useful to others also.

Get in the customers shoes and identify with how they feel. Do they feel Wow, this is cool or do they feel this guy is doing the job to get his paycheck? Most people out there do it for the paycheck. Very very few are really creative and enjoy what they do and give people a good feeling.

Let me give you an example of a company that is similar to the interesting plumber example provided by Stuart Wilde. Have you heard of Truly Nolen, the pest control company? What is interesting about pest control? Sounds pretty dull and lifeless to me. However have you ever seen their cars? Talk about unique and interesting. They look like mice scurrying about town. This company has become a multi-national company (there are offices all over the world now) only due to their fresh, interesting idea. They also buy a lot of antique vehicles and park them on major street corners in many cities with the Truly Nolen signs on them. Very creative people! Who do people think of when they need pest control?

2. You put “you” into the equation. That is how you make it totally unique and interesting. People are willing to pay more for something that makes them feel inspired or gives them a good experience even for a few minutes.

3. You understand that it’s fine for you to be wealthy. You understand that you are infinite and there’s no limit to how much wealth you can create for yourself by putting these spiritual laws into action.

4. You get clear about what it is you want. You are going to resonate that intention always. You are going to live it. You are going to fake it till you make it. Whether you currently have that energy or not, you are going to move towards it no matter what. You are dedicated.

5. You’re not going to let yourself get out of control and start spending a whole lot of money that you don’t have. This is how the Life Force and feelings of financial plentyness builds up in your life. You must develop control and always spend less than you earn. You have to start feeling good about what you have and where you are at. The only way to expand your financial energy or financial well being is to feel good about what you’ve got in your life right now. Learn to raise your vibration where you are at. Then more will come. This is Law.

6. You’re going to love yourself by charging enough. You’re going to start believing in yourself more. As you feel more and more confident you will raise your prices to the appropriate level. Not overcharge. But charge enough, especially if you’re putting yourself into it in a unique way. If you put yourself in it, they won’t mind paying for it because they will love your unique service and energy that will make them feel better about life.

7. You are going to love the people who are pulled to you by serving them as well as you can. They must feel you’ve got their back at every turn. You are giving them full and complete satistfaction and a wonderful experience. In order to do this you must in your imagination have been in their shoes and thought of everything. You must have run through it over and over and over in your mind and made it as good as possible. The product doesn’t need to be perfect. The product needs to be only slightly different or unique. The whole experience needs to be wonderful or give people a good feeling.
Then it stands out from the rest which is only mediocre. You will put your own ego aside and only look after their needs and come from the energy of love and care for them. You will constantly work on improving your service to your customers. You will think about it, about how you can improve. For example, a waiter can get far more tips by really working on serving his customers better than they have been served ever before. He must come from that intention always. When you hold an intention, it happens or manifests.

8. You are extremely organized in your business. You’ve got a smooth running ship. All the functions of your business are well planned, well oiled and flow smoothly including billing the customer and receiving payments. You have a concerted action plan in the marketplace.

9. Commerce is just a matter of expanding yourself to do more of it. That expansion always comes out of control: Controlling your environment and deliberately removing all limitations one by one by one and substituting flow for them. As you are doing this, you are creating a power around you that will grow and grow.

10. You must develop enough life force or power or determination to work through all your limitations, think outside of the box, try new things outside of your comfort zone, develop a self confidence that is addictive, be damn good at everything you do, go through the learning curves so you can connect with a wider and wider and wider circle of influence. If something is lacking and you can get the training, get trained.

Which person do you know of who goes into internet marketing or home businesses or any regular business thinking of the above 10 points on how to get Life Force Energy into every aspect of their business and how to get it growing into a powerful force? Most people don’t have a clue about these things even if they have been to business school.

I also recommend you read 2 of Stuart Wilde’s books, “Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle” and “Miracles”. They are very quick reads. You can get them at Amazon. I read these books over a decade ago, but still think they are some of the best books I have ever read.

Please let me know what you think.
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    Thanks on the tips. If you are able to focus on the appropriate things you will attract the appropriate things. However where a lot of people fail is they get caught up doing the wrong things because they have the wrong mindset! Also being organized is very beneficial because if you aren't organized you tend to be more distracted and in turn you cannot focus or accomplish your tasks. Sometimes in order to clear your mind you must take a break.
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