How to cure anger in less than 2 seconds

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You cure anger by forgiving. Forgive them and your anger is gone. Forgiving them is more for us than it is for them. We forgive people so we don't have to carry them around in our own head anymore. Forgive them and you can finally move on. It often times doesn't punish a person to not forgive them. Although it can help immensely if you do forgive them but it is not required. It only works if you do it. This works 100% of the time if you do it. Can you imagine a 100% cure rate for anger (if you do one simple thing of course). It works every single time for every single person everywhere.

To cure your anger it will be resolved, gone - not repressed or stuffed. Letting go or denial is not a cure. Resolution happens by one simple thing.

I figured this out in 2008 after much study and research. I looked around the internet and found many things so similar but not worded in such a simple, direct, clear way. Maybe you can find somewhere that is stating - The cure for anger is forgiveness. Are people really saying this that clear?

Although anger management classes can help they are not required to cure your anger:
You do not have to go to a 12 step program.
You do not have to go to anger management classes.
You do not have to go to to count to ten
(or count backwards from ten).
You do not have to go to to take a break or go for a walk.
You certainly don't need to take a pill.

Anger management clearly states it is about managing your anger not resolving it completely.

The above are designed to be wonderful coping skills. People stop being angry the time. They just don't know how to do it on demand. Imagine a way to know how to stop being angry on demand that is consciously repeatable. Clear, concise, reproducible - works 100% every single time.

Society seems to be generally close on this but no course or therapist will tell you there is a cure. If you only want to learn to manage your anger through coping skills then by all means simply keep to all the other things. But if you want to cure your anger then you only have to do one simple thing.

   I cannot do this one thing for you or to you. You have to do this simple action to cure your anger. I know you can do this because I have seen children, teenagers, adults, mentally ill, Down Syndrome, and intoxicated people who do this. Normally being drunk is the automatic disqualifier to doing any personal growth. I won't even attempt to bother doing personal work with someone when they are actually drunk. Nobody does. But I have seen intoxicated people do this one seemingly simple thing and their anger is gone. Eliminated. Not stuffed, repressed, or in denial. Cured. Gone. Period.

   It is simple, straight forward and safe enough for a two year old to do it. You can do this too.

   And this is an easier way to do it. First, think of something small that somebody did to irritate you. Preferably someone you actually care about. Think of something small so it won't be that big of a deal when you're not angry at them in a few minutes. If you have found something small that somebody did to you recently to irritate you then read on, if not please just take a moment before you continue. Choosing something small is helpful to start to begin with in order to ensure your chances of success. Later on you will have time to work up to something bigger.

   If you are ready, because sometimes it is NOT appropriate to cure our anger. Or sometimes people aren't ready to be done with their anger. Obviously that is a whole different discussion. That is why I have you choose something small that somebody you like did to irritate you. So you can actually do it. So that it will not be awkward and weird when you forgive them.

   Go ahead, test it out. You can do it right now.

   Now, once you've forgiven them, go and find your anger now. Where is your anger? You can't touch it if you forgave them. If you are having difficulty it may be that we are in a public place right now and it does get a little personal to forgive someone. Do this again at home - AND START WITH SOMETHING SMALL FIRST!

   Now, you can forgive yourself, and get out of your own head. By forgiving you actually get them out of your own head. Forgiving allows you to be free from them. It is for you that you forgive. And if you don't forgive them you won't be able to forgive yourself. You can't forgive yourself if you don't forgive them.

Society is beginning to associate these two things together more and more often. I thought I was the first person to consciously associate the two in order to directly cure anger. Please show me references where this is showing as a cure. One step of an anger management class does not seem to qualify as the same things as - forgiveness cures anger, do that.

Also having a mentor suggest you ought to forgive someone when you are angry is close but still does not seem to be the same thing as - forgiveness cures anger, do it. Or is it? Let me know. It seems that some people can make that connection but a lot cannot.

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