I no longer want to be a Millionaire

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Since I was small a Millionaire has been my dream,

I have always loved money and wanted more of it
mainly due to the lack of it which has created my

I have come to the age now its shit or burst....

Its time to set targets to turn those dreams into
a reality or else accept they are just dreams.

I think winning the lotto is cheating so I'm not
going to hold onto a dream for that its time to act

So target number one MILLIONAIRE as it always was!

but would it help me achieve my other dreams???

- Amazing house in Kerry
- Lake house in Toronto
- Yacht for lesiure
- Retired at 40
- Entrepreneur of the year

NO it would not as the description of Millionaire is
a person with one million euros. In my eyes anyone
could save and work up to a million euros. Especially
Euros as its not worth the paper its printed on.

So I have come to the realization Millionaire is no
longer my target its BILLIONAIRE

I don't consider myself a normal person but don't expect
to achieve this goal but its my end goal.

Specific - target a specific area for improvement.
Measurable - quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress.
Assignable - specify who will do it.
Realistic - state what results can realistically be achieved, given available resources.
Time-related - specify when the result(s) can be achieved.

Now becoming a millionaire is only a step in the process
so I'm fully confident I can reach it but the question is
can I achieve it on schedule

Will have to wait and see I suppose!

Is there other techniques people use to create goals or targets?
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    if you have not hit the million yet ..if you wan a billion do something scale able..

    if you want to make large amounts of money..the first thing to do is to predict what a laege number of people will want..and will be lacking in the future ..

    outside tech .. people will need fuel for cars ..and electricity ..i am on a different path ..but world wide one of the next renewable energy sources ..with be anarobic digester built to capture the methane from raw sewage ..that gets used to produce electricity ..and the left over solid fertilizer will be great to use for bio fuel crops ...and you can even grow the biofuel crops ..in buildings and pump all the emissions from the power production into the plants .

    there are a lot of ways that are developing to build fortunes ..forget the retiring at 40 .. i am 36 .. i am going to be productive and doing stuff when i am 150 years old ..
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    Those look Like noble goals to pursue
    Amazing house in Kerry
    - Lake house in Toronto
    - Yacht for lesiure
    - Retired at 40
    - Entrepreneur of the year
    However all seem focused on yourself
    It would be nice to have some goals that focus on other people too.
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      whatever the mind can, believe and conceive it can achieve!

      powerful quote
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    I read somewhere how Steven King's initial goal was to write 100 novels. Well on his way to that goal, he became a famous author, screenwriter and millionaire many times over. Sometimes, it helps if your goal isn't related to how much money you can earn but how productive you are at your job or business. The money will come when you do more, so why not make goals that reflect it?
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    The secret is to be WHAT YOU WAN TO BE now


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    I don't really set goals, everybody keeps telling you have to have goals in life. Oh really? Why exactly? Nobody can answer that, but still they tell me i should have goals...

    If it's a personal thing that's fine though, and i hope you achieve your goals
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    Goals do NOT work when they are superficial in nature. In other words, what you should be doing.

    However, goals tend to work great when they are linked to a deep need inside of you, no matter if you write them down or not.

    Best, funny example?

    Try to get teen to clean his room on a Saturday noon. You can set SMART goals, you can create milestones, you can create processes.

    But ...

    Take the same teenager that is expecting a girl for sex in 30 minutes and that girls likes the place to be clean. He'll be working faster than a maid on crack.

    The same principle works virtually everywhere else ...

    If that's what you want, then it is great. But what you want.

    My true reasons for doing what I do are NOT the same reasons I tell my loved ones. Yes, I want to change the world but a bigger part of me wants to party with the entire cheer-leader team.

    So I may write goals like "Achieve a net growth of my business of 25% by the end of the year which means $XXXXX in assets and $YYYYY in gross revenue" but the true goal is ...

    "Show all those people who ever doubted me that I'm better than them".

    We are human. We can admit this, even if it must be done only in the intimacy of our thoughts.

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    The best quote my friend has told me, if you're going to dream, dream big. That way even if you don't get to your goal, you will still make something big.
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    Now you know what you want. The next step is to go and get it. Good luck!
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    The feeling creates the results. I feel good, and free, now, despite conditions - well most of the time lol - and my life keeps feeling good, and I become freer each day. Of course, money is one of a billion to an infinite number of channels, through which I experience freedom, but I dig the feeling aspect of it all.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    "You'll get everything you want in life, if you help enough people get what they want" Zig Ziglar.

    On the way to making millions, It became less about the money and more about what I can do that is higher than little old me. Being a millionaire/billionaire means to me how big is the flow of money that goes through me knowing that money is energy. It's not just how much I have. And added to that, earning this money happily!!

    On your way to becoming a millionaire/billionaire sdliverpool, you'll find out for yourself a passion that burns you hot and serves a cause higher than yourself. You'll fully delve into it and the money won't be your focus. Strange enough, the things you want will naturally follow.

    I wish to be a happy Billionaire!
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    Why do you want so badly to be a billionaire? How much time of your life are you willing to dedicate to it?
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    I still want a million doll hairs
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