Do you see the Good Side?

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Remarkably enough, we can turn almost any situation into a good one. (To certain extents of course)

How often do something bad happen to you, and all you can think about is the immediate consequences or pains of that event. More over, we usually don't think anything else of it but the problem we faced. Our perception is blinded.

If we look back at many of the troubles, injuries, arguments, or failures. Consider some of the experiences we encountered because of it.
  • Have you learned new things?
  • Are you wiser from the experience?
  • Has something great happened that may have been influenced by the event?
  • Now that it is over, did it turn out for the better?

We can never ignore the initial pain of certain events, but we can take the time to consider the direction we will now take, knowing we cannot change the past. Realize that everything that happens, no matter how good or how bad, it is our thoughts and reactions that will influence the direction you go in. So take the time to look at the good side of things wherever you can. Maybe it will help you make some of the most important choices in your life.

I was inspired to write this realizing that after writing an article very late at night, without editing or even reading it, I jumped into a thread I started, and added a response with a reference to my article. Though I am still unsure of why, the thread was deleted before I woke in the morning. My initial response was of shock and disappointment. I asked why it was removed, but later when I remembered the article I nearly slept through and reviewed it..
OMG... PITIFUL! Grammar errors and lacking important details badly. Immediately I thought to myself... Wow, it is a good thing that thread was removed,, some people would have read this and thought I was a very strange individual.

I Love when I see the Good Side
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    It is always important to choose your actions wisely. They usually determine what your future will turn out to be. You can choose to do things that will turn you into the main focus in years to come. What happens next is just a matter of consequences. Certain actions lead to certain repercussions. Some good others bad.
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    Always make an effort to turn negative energy into positive energy. For example, you could turn anger into sheer work ethic, or turn weakness into strength.

    When I used to play basketball in my High School days, I would take the negative energy I received from having a bad performance on the basketball court and use it to practice for extra hours and more intensity the following day. I could easily have used the negative energy to blame others for my problems and/or break stuff in the house to release my anger, but instead, it's better to harness that energy and do something productive with it.

    Great post.
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