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Many people gain full understanding of what they learn, and the help and information they relay is especially respected. I have seen many cases where professors, social workers, and especially marketers are specialized in something and help many people. When off the job it is like they reset, or change character. Go home, watch TV, and maybe read to refresh their memories and keep themselves alive.

Be Your Audience

You're blanketed with knowledge and inspiration. All it takes is to remember, reflect, and take action. With the technology available to us, we can make it much easier to recall what we need, when we need it. I use a handy app on my android called "Conscious". Every day it sends out conscious reminders.
Ex: Be aware of distractions - Notice how distractible you are. Can you stay focused without distractions. What distractions influence you the most.

This reminder will pop up throughout the day, and at the end I will provide notes to my experience.

Other ideas to help you practice what you preach include:

Calender reminders - This works great on smart phones as well. Most of them allow you to set your own reminders throughout any hour of the day.

Door Reminders - Sticky notes to inspire you at the entrance and exit of your home, office, bathroom, or wherever you feel you it will influence you the most.

Here is a good one - Write on your hands!! Sounds silly, but ITS AWESOME! Nothing is a better reminder then a hand note!
Get creative with hand notes. Knuckle Notes and Finger Notes are noticeable.
Under The Thumbnail Note works well for me.

Will people look? Heck yeah!
Great smile starter too! If someone asks "Whats all over your fingers?"
"Some people do their nails, I do my fingers"
Many minds may go in the gutter.
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    When I have a task to perform e.g sweeping the house I put the broom in a visible position like next to the door. Using visible reminders is a great way to keep of the influence of distractions. I put my pens in my hair in case i need to write something.
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    I've implemented some of these ideas in my daily routine already, especially the one about the reminders and already it's paying off in productivity. Just being reminded daily with helpful mantras gets me through some of the most stressful parts of my day.
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    I have learned to do this, and it has changed my life. Mindfulness. Thanks for sharing!
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    Lots of marketers these days don't practice what they preach and they sell you on B.S. One thing about marketing online is always providing value, but not just any value, value that will help your subscribers take actionable steps to help them succeed. Value that will help them create success. If you can do this you'll create a win/win situation.
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