At the edge and ready to jump (no parachute)

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Hello all,

Just looking for feedback/advice. My full time job is killing me but, I don't have a clear vision of how I will make a regular income if I do jump.

Simultaneously - while working the full time job, having a 2 year old and a wife with medical issues and no full time job herself, the worry is that medical bills might become overwhelming if I do quit.

I've been considering getting another job but it feels like killing my soul every application I fill out.

Any suggestions (especially those full time Internet Marketers?).
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    Hate to say it, but don't quit your job until you're making enough from your internet marketing side project to cover your bills. Prob. the biggest mistake I made, and now I'm near broke and having to get a job after 3.5 years of mini-retirement cause I didn't plan properly and blew all my savings while trying to learn how to start a biz.
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    My advice for now would be simple if you quit it would be jumping out of the frying pan and right into the fire. If you contemplate giving the online Business a shot, Try getting into it part time. Develop the consistency required to accomplish the task you set out to do. Maybe later when things start to stir up you can then consider allocating more time to it. Just talking from my own experience.
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    Thanks guys - I appreciate the perspective.
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    I would say don't quit your job, as you're not in a position to do so.

    What you can do is consider internet marketing as an extra, and if you work hard for a period of time and you have a little margin to take the jump, then do it.

    Perhaps if you want to pursue an internet carreer, start building a blog with the intent of becoming an authority site and build a list in a topic you are interested in and see it as a hobby. Don't focus on the money just yet, that will come in time if you keep working on it. In a couple of years time your life can look totally different, and what are a couple of years right?

    So just take action and stick to the plan
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    Have a transition plan... It will help you maintain focus, peace, and productivity.
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    Yep, stick to the bodhisattva way like your name says : ) Accept the temporary suffering of the full time gig (or get another) and keep your family safe. By putting your family first you are actually doing something noble which is good for your soul, not killing it at all. Be patient and kind with yourself and the situation, and meanwhile keep sewing those good karma seeds in a side business, learn the ropes, keep improving, don't give up... and your time will come. I've been through this for many years, I have 4 kids. I have a great online business that many people could live off of full time. But I still have a remote w-2 job for health insurance and steady income. I used to beat myself up over it and get mad. But since learning Buddhism I have since dropped all the ill-will over it and I'm much happier doing my best at my job and in my business.
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    BB, I will be honest, because, this is who I am.

    Quitting your full time job will give you clarity in an instant, for what you need to do, to be happy. Right now, you're in a comfort zone.

    Now, I don't suggest you quit your job BUT you need a serious shake up, to wake up If you spent the next 1, 2 or 7 hours, after reading my post, here, and now, deciding what most makes you feel alive, then pulled out your credit card, and started a blog, then wrote your first post...this would be probably the most freeing choice of your make it...let your choice to be free consume you....then, this is the beginning of living the freeing lifestyle....and yes, the parachute will show up, once you spend the 5 minutes, or 10 hours, deciding what you most want to do with your life.

    Dude, I had 4 cents 5 years ago. In 10 days I'm going to Fiji, to live for 4 months. I got here, circling the globe for 3 years, doing ballsy stuff, cause that's how you earn your awesomeness tuition lol. All the best!
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    Ryanbiddulph is right on... Risk takers always gain the most out of life. I think the right question is, do you wanna live a life of comfort, or adventure? And when I say adventure I mean living the dream. I took that leap over 5 years ago yes it was painful. But having someone like Jack Canfield personnely email you to be in your film, was so worth it. I get to make movies travel the world, and work with the biggest names in the industry ignore all, and do you. When you take the leap the forces of the universe will take care of you and your family.

    P.S when you were born did you come to live life half way? Or did your spirit take full physical form? Hmmmm....
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    Sit down and take 2weeks or a month to find your niche. Work on it at least 1h a day and once you find a couple of pretty solid ideas, start working on it.
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    From my own experience ...

    It is never a good idea to jump when you are in less than simple circumstances.

    You are either going in this ahead, fearless or you are staying in your job until you can save some money or build a cushion.

    Putting your back on the wall helps with motivation. Having people that depend on you is not. It will only limit your movements. So aim to do your best at your work now and build something on the side.
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    Thanks again guys for the great suggestions. It seems like the key is having a plan in place and then making a jump.
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