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Dear All,

I had an interesting dialogue with another member on here, and I want to share what I know - what has certainly been true for me - that facilitated extraordinary progress and growth.

The big shift for me came over a year ago, when I first learned to take complete ownership of my own experiences; 100% responsibility for things I have been hiding from and did not want to feel.

When I decided to face the deepest, darkest, ugliest things about myself and recognize them as ME; as extensions of ME, opposed to things happening TO me, that's when the big shift took place. That is when my life changed for the better, almost effortlessly.

Mind you, recognizing circumstances as "Me", and not seeing myself as victim, and accepting things exactly how they are was (and sometimes can still be) the HARDEST THING to do.

But it is a crucial first step. When you accept things exactly how they are and, instead of judging them, choose to sit down with pen and paper and allow yourself to get vulnerable with exactly how you feel, get in touch with your feelings how they really are, and begin looking at your feelings (especially ones you do not like) as YOU, opposed to things that are happening TO you, that's when a shift will take place.

Gradually, as you continue to be in that space, those emotions will loose their charge, and their subconscious grip on your life.

From there, you are then free to visualize what you want without attachment or those dark emotions getting in the way to manifesting obstacles in your life.

But you MUST face those feelings first, with pen and paper, in a private place where you are not distracted, and in BRUTAL self honesty.

Here I want to make mention of two things. First, when you begin to experience emotions that you don't like, go FOR EXAMPLE: "I am shame; shame is an extension of me. I am failure; all separation is illusion".

This allows you to OWN and take full 100% responsibility for your experience. If you go: "Shame is something that is happening TO me. Failure is something that is happening TO me", you are still feeling yourself to be a VICTIM, and that actually is a convenient way to hide from facing and owning your inner issues, and is a way to distract yourself.

So, in summary for the first thought: Don't beat yourself bloody over this, as that is a way to distract yourself from truly surrendering and feeling.

Second thought: Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, The Secret, even God and religion etc. these too are distractions from truly facing and OWNING your own experiences. They will not get rid of your "inner demons" for you; no weird finger position, mantra, full lotus.

Nothing will discharge your inner demons more powerfully and effectively than sitting down with pen and paper, naming your circumstances in detail, and writing down in brutal self-honesty how they make you feel, and then REALLY feeling them without beating yourself over the head.

Over time, this becomes easier and easier as you develop the skill, and the nuance for it. Unfortunately, our "Ownership Muscles" have collectively atrophied from lack of use. But as you continue using this over time, not only will your life take on a magical new quality, but you'll get stronger and much better at this.

And you'll finally realize, there is absolutely nothing and no one you'd rather be more than yourself, because you already have every single possible answer to life's deepest dilemmas within you.

As the Arabian sage, Imam Ali said 1,400 years ago in a poem

"Disease is but an extension of you, and you don't see...
And its remedy exists within you, yet you do not feel...
You think yourself to be but a small (insignificant) mass...
Even though within you is enfolded the Greater Universe...
Verily, you are the very Blueprint, through whose letters...
The hidden becomes manifest. There is no need, therefore...
from outside, the Consciousness you already have within"

داؤك منك وما تُبصر -- ودواؤك فيك وما تشعر
وتحسب أنّك جرم صغير -- وفيك انطوى العالم الأكبر
وأنت الكتاب المبين الذي -- بأحرفه يظهر المُضمَر
فلا حاجة لك في خارج -- يُخَبَّرعنك بما سُطًّرُ

Good luck all!

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