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Let's talk about discipline.

Do you have a discipline method to avoid procrastination of waste of time?

What are you rmethods? Please tell me about your failures, your stories.

I try different methods like GTD, pomodor...etc... but all the methods FAILED.

My conclusion NOW : only a VERY strong discipline can make the difference.
Inspired for example by military DISCIPLINE.

I'm waiting for your experience.


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    I have only one keystone habit ...

    Every day I set three business MITs (most important tasks) and three personal MITs. Everything else can go to hell as far as I'm concerned, if I can get these done.

    Sometimes an MIT is 5 minutes long, other times it is about two hours.

    The idea behind this is that if I get the important things done, then I can advance my life. If I get everything else done but the important things, it will slowly decay or stand still.

    I don't believe in the idea of military discipline.

    Willpower is a limited resource. Discipline requires willpower. Once it is done, you'll eventually crack.

    I do believe in forming habits. Habits, once formed, don't require willpower.
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    military discipline ..is not developed in isolation .

    it is developed from the moment you hit the first entry station.. with a system that has hundreds of years of honing ..

    if you do not have the discipline that comes from the desire to do something and get better and better at it ..you may be doing the wrong thing .

    it does not take me any sort of discipline to cook and prepare food for myself that is healthy instead of eating processed food ..because there is a lot more pleasure from it ..

    there is plenty of stuff i would like to eat but can't anymore because it doesn't digest well ..and i have never got into drinking because i never figured out how to not be hung over for 2 days .

    if you are living alone ..it is fully up to you ..

    there are things you may not like to do..but if not doing them holds back doing what you want to do

    then again you can always hire someong to follow you around and scream at you and make you do push ups every time you make a mistake
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    I write a to-do list each and every day so that I know exactly what I want to accomplish the next day. I order the to-do-list from most important to least important and as the days go by I end up creating healthy habits.

    I also get a confidence boost when I finish the day with everything crossed off the list.
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      Originally Posted by tvon View Post

      I write a to-do list each and every day so that I know exactly what I want to accomplish the next day. I order the to-do-list from most important to least important and as the days go by I end up creating healthy habits.

      I also get a confidence boost when I finish the day with everything crossed off the list.
      How do you write your TO DO list? Do you use paper or a specific software?
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        Originally Posted by Aji Raman View Post

        How do you write your TO DO list? Do you use paper or a specific software?
        I have a spiral notepad that I can fit in my back pocket. I carry it with me everywhere. This allows me to easily jot down thoughts that spring into my head and I can also write down tasks I need to complete the next day.
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    Becoming an expert on your habits!

    Try to understanding how your whole life is built up of endless habits,. Some more powerful then others. Some tend to take over our lives.

    Big Habits
    ex: Smoking, Drinking, and Other Drugs

    Small Habits
    Eating habits, Sleeping habits, Activity habits

    A big improvement on my life was when I wrote out what influenced my life the most.. At that time the ruthless cigarette was a problem. Other things such as games, movies, and TV shows, I wrote down, and noted the time I spent at each.
    After I was complete, I realized that a successful lifestyle was impossible, because I had not time to advance and progress with activities I wanted to succeed in.

    Quitting smoking - the biggest habit wasn't the first to change obviously, but it was the small habits like TV, movies, and games that I changed first. Replacing these activities with other activities that I also enjoyed. Then I done so again, and again, until I was so familiar with change that even smoking was not difficult to overcome. I have built discipline by becoming more familiar with my habits, and taking control of my habits by reforming them into others that were just as good.
    Damien Parsons
    Success Coach | Writer
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    Thanks man


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  • The thing with military discipline, it works because you have someone who punishes you when you deviate from routine or when you disobey an order. In some ways, it's easier because you have to answer to someone when you don't stick to what you're supposed to do.

    Let's say you impose this "military discipline" on yourself and part of the routine involves waking up at 5am. If you decide to sleep in, who's going to shout on your ear to get off your lazy butt and start doing 20 push-ups?

    Unless you have a buddy who's willing to be your drill sergeant, in the end, you have to decide to be answerable for your OWN actions.

    This means waking up at 5 am no matter what. Following a routine not matter how boring it is. Finishing all your tasks no matter how tedious. And doing all these things every day until it discipline becomes a habit.

    Discipline is such a painful word for a lot of people to swallow because it requires the individual to own up his actions. These "methods" do help because they're techniques that help develop routines and habits but in the end YOU have to decide that you WANT to get things done and you WILL get that done in order to get the discipline that you want to achieve.
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    Don't focus on discipline.

    Focus on building habits. I wake up every morning (even weekends) at 3:30 AM. People think that i have tons of willpower and good discipline to do this. However, waking up at this time everyday feels natural to me. It's just a habit and it requires no discipline.


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      I would love to be able to function on just a few hours sleep but if I was to get to bed at 10pm and then get up at 3am I just wouldn't be able to produce a good working day because I would be so tired.

      Dr.Wayne Dyer who wrote The Shift also gets up at 3am each morning. I don't know how he does it!
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    Hi Aji,

    Sorry to take this stance. But I don't believe in discipline. I have a reason though. Please hear me out.

    First of all, discipline is a very 'negative' term. It connotes that you are doing something that you don't like to get something you like. But it should not be that way.

    If you're mindful enough to see the beauty of the process, then you no longer need discipline. This means that if you enjoy eating healthy food, then you don't need to diet. If you enjoy moving around, you don't need to exercise. If you enjoy writing and creating wonderful products that can authentically help other people, then you don't need to push yourself to do it. You will not need discipline.

    So in the end, you should ask yourself if you enjoy what you are doing. If not, then you should ask yourself why. From there, you can choose to either find the good in what you're doing or look for something else that you can do based on what your skills are and who you are.
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    You need to mentally train yourself to a routine then present it in the physical. Just set some principle morality and ethics for yourself and your business.

    Also train yourself to accept the fact that success and failure are two sides of the same coin.
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    Myself experience on it is:
    When I do something that I don't like, that is bad time to me, I feel bad and uncomfortable.
    I find out when I do something that I like to do, passion to do then I feel motivate, do it every time I have. I think it is most powerful help me keep do something.
    But not everything is thing we like, so with some goal need to achieve I attention to what is big enough reason to me accomplish it.

    So there are some things you should consider to keep doing: passion, big reason to accomplish.
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    Discipline takes time and some getting used to. What really works for me is setting a goal and not just go with the flow. Setting a goal for me is like having something to attain and to be able to attain that I am “forced” to be disciplined!
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  • I have a work schedule and I stick to it. I do the most important tasks in the first 3 hours of my working day, when my energy is at its peak and I'm able to focus really well. It's become a habit now, actually. I feel uneasy when I'm not able to work at that time. Then for the rest of the day, I do my less important tasks (email, social media). That way even when I get distracted I get a whole day's worth of work done, no matter how lazy or unmotivated I feel later in the day.
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    Knock out my tasks in short quick bursts. The more time we have to do something the more we are going to procrastinate.
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    I would have to say writing down on a small notepad every day has helped me a great deal. Not just remembering tasks but giving me the motivation to complete them. Looking at a list the next day and seeing you have completed nothing is not the greatest feeling. When tasks get done , you feel really good. Is that what we all want? To feel really good on a daily basis and feel some type of achievement.
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    I follow a schedule and organize things. I believe that's one part of discipline, keeping up with it is a different and harder story. discipline is like a long journey and the end part is achieving what you really want.
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