I love helping people. (Here are the results)

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Over the past few months i've found an increased level of love for helping people.

I think from this one shift it's shown in my marketing efforts.

Over the past 14 days I've been doing a little experiment that you might like to try yourself and see what happens.

Basically what I've done is I've given value and expected NOTHING in return.

I've just focused on putting out value here on the forum and to subscribers on my list.

The response i've gotten is like magic.

I had 10+ ask for 1 on 1 coaching.

May I remind you.

I didn't sell coaching...

they came to me for coaching without me selling anything.

These where not my buyers,

but yet they were willing to find out more about my high ticket stuff without buying low ticket stuff.

I've had a few emails from people ask

"Gavin, WHEN are you going to sell something, Have you got anything coming out soon?"

So basically what I've done is positioned myself in a way where people want to give me money.

I don't even have to ask for the SALE lol

This is when you have power!

This is when your sales copy doesn't need to be that great.

People just buy your stuff because you're cool lady or lad.

I genuinely believe people buy a lot of Frank Kerns stuff for example.

Simply because he is a cool dude and he gives value.

"Sorry good ol Frank I love your stuff but your copy isn't the best I've seen"

It's what he does before you ever see his copy that gets people to buy buy buy!

And when people can see you're generally there to help them and you're not after there hard earned cash you'll make way more money.

It turns free seekers, cold leads into hungry buyers.

When I do sell something.

I can expect high conversions and people to buy my stuff even without fancy sales copy.

So final words

There's two ways you can go about making money online

1. Is using tricks, tools, countdown timers, fancy copy, fancy headlines in your emails, NLP and embedded command, scarcity, yada yada


2. Make all of the above secondary or irrelevant to providing good value to your market place.

In return the numbers will show.

Hope this helps
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  • It makes sense. When you give something valuable for free, they know you're giving something even more valuable when they buy from you.
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    I completely agree Gavin. Really happy to hear your success. After hearing your motivational words on many occasions, it is no surprise to hear this.

    Thanks for sharing and I will take your words with pride
    Damien Parsons
    Success Coach | Writer
    Join me on Successful Lifestyle Secrets
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    Hey Gavin,

    Congratulations buddy! You're doing amazingly

    I think to sum up your post would be to say that we're in a P2P (People To People) world nowadays, where people don't want to do business with large corporations. They want to work with REAL individuals like themselves.

    And, by providing great value and help to people for free shows that you're a real person. That creates instant interest in you. There are two many scam sites, and large corporations trying to make a buck where ever they can. A lot of people are finally starting to see this and they're changing their attitude.

    Thank you for the awesome thread buddy!

    - Joe,
    I chose entrepreneurship over further education despite being laughed at by my friends and family..

    I recently hit the "RESTART" button on my life, read my personal blog to find out how I did it :)
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    Some call it karma, but to me it sounds like the right mix of sincerity and hard work
    Great post~

    Currently drawing: http://irishopp.com/

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    Thats a great advice, I will take it even out of the internet marketing area, to other aspects of life,
    I did it too, unconsciously and people even bought bigger packages i offered late, and now i know to pay attention to that.
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    Paying it forward Gavin! Love it!
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I really appreciate what you do and how you share information.

    And, you're right ... when you give people value, build trusting relationships, and you're helpful, they will clamor all over themselves to buy whatever you're selling. I think that's the best way to get "raving fans".

    To sum it up, in the words of the late Zig Ziglar ...

    "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
    Make every day count!
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    i help people - quietly
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    Lately I've begun experiencing giving people tons of value... and watching them apply my advice while working with other people who work for half the price. The 'trick' I need to learn is how to only give them enough to get them hooked... Yes? No?
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