So what is the real scoop with internet marketing?

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I got this question earlier today in my inbox.

In terms of technique I don't really like the idea of list building b/c I have had bad experiences with people flooding my inbox with tons of emails after I get on my list. But then again, it really depends on what you are sending out your people. Is it crappy products that you are peddling for someone else or is it something that is quality which you have reviewed and tried yourself.

So what is the real scoop with internet marketing? Is it something that most people can make a full time living at if they put the effort in or is it something that you could make a little money but most people can't make a full time living at (unless you're good at selling WSO's ). The people selling this stuff on here make it sound so easy but I'm finding it hard to do (either missing info from the WSO and no support, or the technical skills required are way above my paygrade).

Here's my reply, I hope it helps:

Personally I have come to understand in life there are two sides to every coin.

Meaning we can look things as being bad or good.

With email marketing I tend to only focus on the good as you'll see over the next days and weeks.

Now for you... You can be one of those Gems and make money from list building and fight against evil so to speak lol.

Basically what I am saying here is don't make an excuse not to do something because YOU can be one of the people that do it RIGHT!

Trust me. When you do things right you'll make way more money than the ones that just PUSH all day long. I am talking from experience, I've been on both ends of the stick

They PUSH because it's hard for them to make money!

So they have to mail harder.

I don't push other peoples products and if i DO it better be as good as my stuff or way better.

Everyone is chasing money now days and they've forgotten your list is not just numbers on a screen.

They're real people who need help.

So yeah.. You'll hardly see me promote other peoples stuff. I don't sell solo ads and I don't do adswaps.

I'll teach it to people BUT... It's not something I recommend they do long term.

In regards to making a living from home:

I think anyone can make a full time living from home it's just what and how?

What do you find fun or what excites you...?

I can defiantly say the EASIEST way to make online is to provide a service..

No you don't have to run the service you can hire people to
create graphics for instance, or write articles, or do seo.

Then sell it on forums.

I can give you 100s of ideas but ideas are just ideas.

You have to commit to one thing and see it through just like marriage. And don't change your path on that choice no matter what.

Even if you lose money get frustrated yada yada.

The true key is sticking to one thing until successful no matter
what happens. That requires commitment and discipline.

If you haven't got that then GET IT! Learn it, make it a habit!

Final words

Figure out what really you want to do.

Don't rush this thinking process. Give it a week and if you still want to do it go for it.

Once you done that:

Unsubscribe from everyones list that has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Meaning if you've chosen listbuilding

You should only be subscribed to people who talk about list building / email marketing.

Keep focused until you succeed in the area. Then scale it. Become a pro until the point you're able to teach it and or outsource it.

If you're having troubles, get a coach in the area you've chosen to speed up results.

Don't go looking for answers in "another product" You are the answer and a good coach will help you "SEE" your mistakes and help you correct it.

Find someone who's done it and see if you can hire them.

I hope this helps a bunch.

I thought' I'd hit two brids with one stone and help others on the path to success by sharing this here
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