It's ALL About YOUR Gift...

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Hey everyone...

Just saw a Youtube Video from one of my mentors who I've
mentioned before to you. The guy's name is Eric Thomas and if your into personal development/motivational speakers there is a good chance you have heard of him.

Either way, I took some notes on what I learned today and wanted to share them with you.

If you want to see the exact video I am reffering to just go here.


Here's what I could pass on to you

#1) Discover Your Own Gift

Each of us has something special about us. So what's special about you? What makes you different from everyone out there? It's most likely that until you uncover this hidden gem within you, you will have a hard time unleashing your true greatness and potential you were born with.

Why would you want to copy cat off someone else and be just like them?

Sure having someone to look up to is great and is needed. But at the end of the day, are you trying to LIVE YOUR LIFE with your UNIQUE TALENTS or trying to copy off someone elses?

#2) Perfect Your Gift

This is where the WORK comes in. Sounds like an ugly word right? To most it does, but not to the people who know what they want out of life.

It takes WORK. This is true for the home business industry, automotive industry, fast food insudstry..etc. There is no substitute for hard work and perfecting your craft.

Unfortuntlay when it comes to this especially in the online make money from home world, many people (I hope you aren't one of them) want those fast internet riches.

They want to get to the top of their craft without putting in the WORK.

Sorry, until you perfect whatever it is your want to do and give it everything ya got don't expect huge returns unless your willing to invest Sweat & Hard Work to perfect it.

#3) Give Your Gift Away

This is probably the best one. I noticed that most of the great heros that we study in our society always spread a great message. They had the ability to spread something that most people never put the time and sacrifice to spread. And what is that?

They spread HOPE with others all around them.

Think about it. Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and all the greats always had people believing that more was possible.

They HOPED for more.

As simple as this may sound it's what seperates the good from the greats.

Are you giving your gifts away to help others with their lives?

Just something to think about...

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