The 10 Great Website That Make You Smarter

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Hey guys,

It's June 21st and I'm here traveling doing business in Dallas, Texas. I had some information shared with me that was really helpful and I found it of value. So I wanted to share it with you in hopes that you would get some value from it as well.

So I have a list of some great websites that actually make you smarter. These websites are no joke when it comes to knowledge (which is POWERFUL) and I think you may find a few of them of tremendous benefit. Prior to reading this list - I was actually using a few of these sites on a regular to strengthen my brain and increase my knowledge. Anywho - check out the list that I put together!

For Random Cool Facts - Squid have three hearts. source» - factsie - did you know that Squids have 3 hearts? I didn't, and you can find more random cool facts on this site!

For Your 30second MBA - 30-Second MBA | Fast Company | Business + Innovation - Want to learn from the top executives in business today? These corporate experts give you quick 30 second lessons in business that will be highly informative and educational.

For your vocabulary expansion - - To expand your vocabulary and learn new words pertaining to a wide range of subjects. Enjoy this golden nugget.

For searching on Google - Inside Search - If you ever had challenges searching for info on Google then this will be very beneficial. Check out this site and learn how to become a master searcher on google with this resource.

For Brain strengthing - Brain Games & Brain Training - Lumosity - this site is the one that I love the most on this list. I mean how else can you strengthen your brain - FOR FREE - after so many years of abuse you've taken to your brain? Especially for me, this website is a true GEM!

For your online academics - - this website was a good help for me in college. And I think you can learn just about anything on this site. It's free and contains a plethora of knowledge.

For Language Improvement - - Enhance your language skills by playing these fun games that relate to select languages, this is a fun on!

For recipe's - An Ingredient based Recipe Search Engine - Recipe Puppy - Ever wanted to learn some new recipes without buying a cookbook? Then this resource will teach you as must as you need to compete for the next iron chef title, in your home kitchen that is.

For getting your questions answered - Quora - Your Best Source for Knowledge - Have a question that you want the answer to? This website will get your questions answered. Write a question and get it answered quickly. Great place for getting answers and recommendations.

For Ted education - Lessons Worth Sharing | TED-Ed - This site is like a vault to a barrage of Ted talks and educational information from the famous TED program. Great for learning and you'll impress all of your friends when you drop bombs of knowledge on them.

For speed reading - Free online speed reading software | - Want to learn how to read like a real pro! Not that pro's read any better than you, but you'll be able to fly through three of four books per month like I do.

1. For Photography - Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials - Digital Photography School - read through this website to learn more about photography if in fact thats what you're into.

For a TV alternative - Instead of TV, you should watch... - This site is for those of you couch potatoes. A great resource to learn something, and put some good food into your brain for thought.

For YouTube facts - - This guys channel is great. Check him out if you're looking for some weird - but great content to watch online!

For getting things done - Lifehacker - Tips and downloads for getting things done - This useful website will help you learn how to get things done while downloading info online.

And I might have went a few resources over 10, but I love over delivering to like minded people like you guys on the WF!

Hope you enjoyed this post . . .

And make sure . . .

that you make the rest of your life - the best of your life!

Take care,
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