Starting A New Group: Your Wellspring Of Creativity, Genius + Superconscious Mind (Brian Tracy)

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Hello, This post came out of another thread which was the poll regarding is it possible to attract money using mind power? The voting shows that over 70% people on WF believe that mind power can attract money, which is phenomenal!

In that thread I introduced the idea about the intuitive mind, the "wellspring of creativity" and genius and the work of Brian Tracy on the Superconscious mind. This is a very important topic and I am very interested in starting a group in which this topic and other similar topics are discussed.

Please read the following from that thread:

"It's a fascinating subject and you're doing a great service by educating people about it."
- Jonathan 2.0

Here is what I wrote:

"There is one factor that is not being mentioned, in my opinion in this thread. That is intuition, connection to the "wellspring of creativity" & genius.

I believe that LOA and learning how to use the power of the mind leads to greater use of intuition. I have done research in these areas and would like to share some of this here, which I think may be useful for some folks.

The person who led me to start thinking about this topic is Bob Dylan who I have been a fan of since childhood.. I recommend you to watch at least 3 to 5 minutes of the following interview with him. I think it may help you understand mind power considerably more.

He talks about his connection to the wellspring of creativity and the magical state he was in. I felt that magic very strongly when growing up. I felt this guy's got something that no one else around me has. Something larger than life. He knows something. That was decades before I saw this video which confirmed my feelings.

Lately I have found a lot of information about how the Superconscious mind works, especially in the work of Brian Tracy. I don't know what you people think about this, but it is interesting reading. I believe that LOA when you use it enough leads to this type of experience. It has for me.

Here is Brian Tracy's words: "All great creative geniuses all great innovations all major breakthroughs in human history have come as a result of super conscious functioning. Some of the people who have written about using the Super conscious functioning include Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson said that he never wrote anything of his own volition. He just simply acted as a conduit for this oversoul or this infinite intelligence and it would pour through him and the words would flow out onto paper word perfect, come through his brain almost as if he were tapped into an unearthly power source.

Mozart, considered the greatest musician of all time wrote his music note perfect the first time. When he sat down to write, the entire music, the entire symphony, the entire opus would come into his mind and he would simply tanscribe it onto paper and people who read Mozarts music even at the time he was writing it said it was the most beautiful music ever written down on paper He wrote it without corrections without changes note perfect the very first time

Beathoven was deaf from the age of 35 Most of his great works were written after he was totally deaf. Beathoven also said that the symphonies came full blown into his mind and he simply transcribed them onto paper.

Edison, the greatest inventor of the modern age used this Super Conscious capability over and over again to tap into a higher power and used it for coming up with inventions and insights and so on.

Michael Faraday, considered the father of electromagnetic field theory an uneducated man who had tremendous capability to use this super conscious capability and pioneered the work that led to the development of the vacuum tube which led to the radio industry, the TV industry, electronic industry the transistor, microelectronics, the micro electronic chip, the entire set of principles came to him in a dream and he got up in the middle of the night and he wrote page after page after page of scientific formulations which later when taken down to the laboratory and tested were found to be absolutely perfectly precise and brand new in all of human history and never been written or discovered or worked out before.

There's a book by Richard Bucke, a psychiatrist, called Cosmic Consciousness where Bucke goes back several hundred years of the most creative men and women of all time and finds that virtually every single one of them spoke about in their writings an ability to tap into a higher form of consciousness".

How about Nikola Tesla who worked with Edison. Tesla is well known to have gotten his discoveries by tapping into the super-conscious.

How about Einstein. I showed you his quote regarding the intuitive mind. From my research, Einstein and all the founders of the Quantum sciences and quantum mechanics (reality at the subatomic particle level) were avid readers of the Vedas, the ancient sacred books of India. According to their statements, they got a lot of inspiration from the Vedas that led to the work that they did in Quantum physics and what they were finding in their work in quantum physics was almost exactly in line or validated what they were reading in the Vedas.

Most people today are very logical / rational / mechanistic. That means non-creative. The purpose of most humans is to plug into the machine. Therefore this is not a common knowledge and understanding regarding this "wellspring of creativity". However does this wellspring of creativity exist and can people learn to tap into it? These are good questions. I know from my personal experience that it does exist and I believe practicing LOA, Science of Getting Rich, etc. leads us into this. It did for me. So it is not just attitude or action, etc. that you guys are talking about in this thread. Those are helpful, but it is much more. It is opening up the intuitive mind, as Einstein says. It is a natural process. I believe practicing LOA leads us back inside ourselves, learning more who we are and what our natural abilities really are and out of the machine or matrix that most people are locked in. I believe many people in our world (millions) are making a shift in this direction and you will see some pretty creative stuff happening over the next several years.

Hope this helps some people".
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