Pick your fruit, only when its ripe

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Before I start, I want to point out another thread I wrote - Don't do Not
I almost failed my own guidance by calling this thread - Don't pick your fruit until ts ripe
Constantly I focus on positive wording, instead of writing what not to do by using don't and shouldn't, or can't. Personally I feel It's much easier to learn the correct way of doing things when there is more focus towards the correct way.

Along with the temptations of don'ts, we become over excited with small achievements. When we see fruit growing, we pick at it too early. Trying to do something with it when it is not ready.
Maybe this is half the problem in society today. People become tempted by the don'ts and can'ts, and try to jump ahead of the game thinking they already have what it takes. Only to be disappointed because they haven't enough preparation to take on a challenge, or satisfy their audience. Then leaving a sour taste.

Maybe people trying to achieve success, wealth, freedom, or extreme fitness need to grow into the expert position they want. Many people want to be the best of the best before they are the best. Whether or not you will ever be the best, does not matter. What does matter is that you keep pushing forward with the things you enjoy and make an expert out of yourself.

In other words - You might not grow the biggest fruit on the tree, but at least you'll have enough fruit for you and your family for years.

If you want to be an athlete - Push hard, be competitive, but don't expect the best and give up because of humiliation.

If you want to succeed in the stock market - Be mindful of your investments, the volatility, the news, and only pick when its ripe. Similar to when you successful profit, you are still not an expert, and the money you have is only a baby. Nourish your baby until the fruit is ready to pick at.

If you want to start a supermarket -- Well,, I guess you just need a wholesale connection for all your fruit.... Okay, you get the point, right?
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    hello damien.. this is what i try to get into..

    when it comes to fruit you need to properly plan where to plant a tree or the seed ..so the soil and temperature conditions ..moisture level are correct ..it is a few years at least ..with proper pruning and care of the tree ..and a tree may only provide ripe fruit for a short time every year .

    all thing in nature have a cycle of productivity and rest ..

    I am going to twist around and away from your intent .

    a lot of people are trying to gain success by producing weekly results..when in most of the highest profit thing .. happening in short windows of time .

    what if you had a business that you made all of your money from june to the end of September..and the best thing to do was relax the rest of the year .

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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    Good point.

    Rome wasn't built in a day, and we probably won't be either.

    It's good to plan and keep the bigger picture always in mind, as a frame against which you have to plan and work in the short term. But the primary focus should always be on the present moment, on making it as positive and productive as possible. That alone prepares you in the best way possible for every subsequent moment.

    (Best effort + focus on present moment) x 365 days = lasting progress.

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    Well said Damien.

    Enjoy the process of improvement and skill development and don't try to rush things. Enjoy the little successes on your way to success, and don't let your ego get in the way. All your hard work and patience will be worth it in the end.
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