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Read a great and simple motivation/self-help article recently and wanted to share with you all.
I will remove any and all links from the article, as I am a new member and do not want this to be perceived as spammy in any way.

Men, the hormone testosterone is a precursor to either estrogen or DHT.
For a man high levels of Estrogen will cause you to grow boobs and retain water, whereas high levels of DHT will cause you to grow a thick beard and increase your strength gains.

A thought is a lot like the above example. A thought is a precursor to either negativity or positivity.
Too many thoughts of negativity will result in depression and giving up, whereas too many thoughts of positivity will result in confidence bordering on arrogance and the will to compete.

And I will take feeling arrogant over feeling depressed any day of the week!

If you truly want to become a success in life, forget about moderation when it comes to your thoughts.
There are absolutely no benefits to thinking negatively, none.
It is a myth that Fear and Anger will give you a competitive edge.
Elite level professional Boxers and Mixed Martial Artists are taught to control their emotions.
A scared or hot headed fighter will struggle to maintain good technique and becomes more susceptible to getting knocked out.

The true path to success, to winning, is to be in absolute control of every single thought you think.
Affirmations are your best friend, they do work and they will change your life for the better.
The old saying "What the mind believes the body will achieve" is 100% true.

Think of your mind as another Gym. When you are working out your mind remember the following:
Your thoughts are the Reps and how many times you think that thought in a day is a Set.

Stop repeating disgusting garbage like "I can't do this" over and over again.
If you think that negative repulsive thought 5 times in a day, then guess what?
You have just done 1 negative Set for 5 Reps of "I can't do this" and that is truly a pathetic attitude for a grown man to have.

Here is a simple mental exercise that will begin your personal "Precursor to Success" journey.

Today, perform 1 Set of 10 Reps of "I will become a savage in the weight room"
Do this each and every day for 3 days in total and you will have completed 3 Sets of 10 Reps.

If you apply these strategies to your life, I promise you will feel the mental and physical changes in a very short amount of time.

How cool is that? I was already doing something similar and now I want to put this technique into overdrive.
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    This is an interesting post. If you haven't already, you should research mindfulness. I post this so often, but it is so good. It has changed my life.
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    Great post, the key to success is having the proper mindset! Without the proper mindset you will never be able to advance toward the next level of success. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and unreal. So therefore if you are feeding yourself negative thoughts everyday, you will start to turn into your negative thoughts. If however you do whatever you need to do to make your mind stronger, such as reading positive books, videos, going out and exercising, and having positive self talk to yourself you are then building confidence necessary to succeed. Just like the food we eat, how it must have nutrients in order to do our body good, what we put in our mind works the same way, if you put garbage in your mind, than guess what? Your mind will be garbage!
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    Thanks for posting. Excellent analogy between reps and affirmations. Cool idea.
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    Good Stuff thanks for sharing that
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