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hello ,

some time expert advice just ignores me ..especially when it sound like the traditional advice .

I am getting on a plane in two day to go live on the other side of the planet for at least 6 months.. and my family has been freaking out and trying to advise me not to.

and i was talking to so guy and he was telling me while i am there i should take out student loans and get an online degree ..

even though i have no intention of taking on any debt . and i will be doing things that do not require a degree .

i don't really value advice given freely if it does not pertain to what i want to this point if i want advice on something ..and i ask an expert in that. it is going to be here is i want to do.. do you think i can do it . can you help or know of someone who can help and how much will it cost .

i have my expenses paid for the next 6 month and possibly a year .. i need to recharge .. clear my thought and build an income online to support the life style i want ..any advice that doesn't get me closer to that ..

i need to build a solid 1 k a month USD to support my lifestyle..and 20-30k to get the next big part of my success path in motion .

then i can learn several of the skill i need to start building a much bigger dream.where i will probably need 200-300 k to pull of the start of that .

but i will be in a tropical country .. minutes walk from the ocean.. living in a 2 bedroom house newly built ..and there is enough room in the back to set up a couple wicking beds to grow some of my own food ..

which for those who have heard me state some of my goals will see i am achieving those ..

and i just stated those income goal publicly for the first time haha .

anyway you don't want a divorce lawer defening you in a criminal case ..or a criminal defender ..setting up your will or estate trust ..

when it come to advice the advice should come from people who under stand your situation..and the situation you are getting into .
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    Man you can do it, the place where you go is safe I assure you that even though I've never been in that place. Just buzz me off from time to time and maybe I can help you with the culture thing.
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    Family is always can (hopefully) count on them having your best interests at heart, however, they will also try to keep you on the safe path even when you'd be better off taking some risks.

    Same thing with good friends, too. While they want you to be happy, they're used to and comfortable with you as who you are. Taking any major risk that might change you could end up causing you to grow apart, and people react to that by trying to keep things the way they are. You shouldn't hold it against them, but nor should you let them stop you from taking the occasional risk.

    It sounds like you're all setup to go--you've got your living situation and expenses all laid out for 6 months, and you're free to give your all to building your business--so follow your plan and give it your best. Definitely don't let so-called "experts" distract you.
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    Which country?


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    philipines is the start ..but if things work out will probably end up in central america when i get the bigger amount
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      Sounds like you know what you're doing Odahh: Good luck with everything. : )

      (Follow your heart and you'll never go wrong.)
      "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Look, I've never been to the Philippines but I've done similar things.

    When you need to make money, in order to actually eat and pay the rent, you will. You'll find a way. I've found a way. When I needed $500/month, I found a way to earn $500. When I needed $2500/month, I've found a way to earn $2500.

    However, this doesn't mean it was always nice. There were moments in which I was desperate, with no backup plan and I HAD to earn the money or else. No one close to help me, a new city, etc. However, things always find a way to work out, usually before the deadline.

    Just avoid people who say that you can't do it. It is not about positive thinking, it is about the fact that beliefs are transformed into behavior and behavior into results.
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    As I said before, I am looking forward to hearing more about this adventure. It sound exciting to me from the beginning.

    Keep following your heart, and only look back to smile
    Damien Parsons
    Success Coach | Writer
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    Go for it dude! I'd say more than anything, experts can offer great advice, most of the time, but sometimes we don't want to hear it because they're challenging us.

    I felt experts didn't know my situation when I struggled yet they'd been through worse struggles. Most of these folks do know how we feel because they've been there, or have been through worse, so be keen to listen up, when you hear advice you're resistant to because it likely has a nugget of truth you need to accept.

    All the best OD!
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