How many of you workout?

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We all know that working out gives you more energy and better focus, and it improves your life in general, so obviously it would mean that if you work out you would get more energy and a better focus that you can use for Internet Marketing.

So how many of you guys actually work out? Do you think it helps you with your IM business?

Personally i think it helps alot, i can sit for longer periods of time working on my IM business without getting tired, and i can focus more on the task at hand and I don't get stressed or frustrated as easily.
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    I have the pedometer app from iSteps I use to track how many steps I walk everyday. As a 2 time heart attack survivor I shoot for 10,000 steps everyday and I really like it. This helps keep the weight down, I sleep better at night, and I am more alert when I am working online.

    I am a big believer in exercising several times a week and feel Internet marketers really need to get up and move around. Find something that works for you and that you look forward too. Then you will not procrastinate not getting in some exercise.
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    Hey Edlund!

    I love this topic, I could talk for hours about it!

    I'm really unfortunate, because I'm one of those people that can eat whatever, and not put on any weight. Sure, some people see this as something great. I see it more as a negative thing, as it makes all those fast food places that little bit more appealing...

    Not so long ago, I made the conscious decision to try and be more healthy. So, I bought a treadmill. And boy, it's been one of the best decisions of my life.

    I try to run everyday, I find it's an awesome way to get rid of any frustration. I also have some of my best ideas whilst running, and it's the PERFECT time to listen to a podcast or a motivational track. I get bored easily, so I find I take in the information a little better.

    In terms of energy, I feel insane after a run. As you said, I feel that my concentration is improved, and that the overall quality of my work is better.

    For me, working out is something everyone should try. Give it a week, 10 days and you'll realise it's worth it.

    - Joe
    I chose entrepreneurship over further education despite being laughed at by my friends and family..

    I recently hit the "RESTART" button on my life, read my personal blog to find out how I did it :)
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    Regular workouts have some many benefits you wonder why everyone doesn't exercise! I think it's due to time constraints and lack of conviction that you will actually feel better!
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    Joe, One of my friend is just like that also. He can eat whatever he wants and it will not affect his weight. So he usually eats pizza or burgers or other junk food atleast 2-3 per week. And he does not gain one single pound. But eventually when he gets older that will change, and when it does.. He will get very fat if he eats the same way.

    Yeah i also get lots of good ideas when working out. If i have a problem in my life, i usually find a solution to the problem when i am working out, or right after. Its like i can think more clearly
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      Phyiscal fitness is a important component to ones vitality. I been involve for 26 years!
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    I aim to walk 10.000 steps daily.

    I'm using a pedometers. A FitBit. I wear it on the hand.

    I don't always accomplish my goal but I try to be active. There's nothing worse that that state of boredom and physical inertia.
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      I used to be one of those people who could eat anything and not gain a pound. That went on all the way up to the age of 36 when things began to change....LOL.

      I am up and on the beach every morning at 7am and I do bodyweight exercises and resistance band exercises. I then give myself 15 minutes to meditate and fill in my gratitude journal.

      Most days I push myself to the limit and get very tired but it is a satisfying tired. All I need is a 20 minute power sleep during the day and I am ready for work again.
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        I do, and always feel better for it. I do think it improves my energy and mental clarity, and I find that I get more done the days that I've exercised.

        I've been reading alot about the habits of wealthy people and most of them advocate exercise especially early in the morning. If it works for them then I'll keep at it!
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    You know when you have those days when you just don't FEEL like working out. I have those days, too, but when I remind myself how GOOD exercise makes me feel, and how it will help me reach my goals, I generally suck it up and do it anyway. Getting started really is the hardest part. Once you get going, you're generally glad you did. And when it's over, you feel soooooo much better.

    Some of the mind hacks I use that will definitely help you out:

    Remember a time when I couldn't work out, and how sad I was when I was heavier, and how I don't want to feel sad again!

    Tell myself to go for 15 minutes. If I still feel bad or unmotivated, I can quit. I have yet to quit.

    Try to force myself to just do something for 1 minute (jumping jacks, squats, etc.). But usually I tell myself I will be happier that I did it instead of mad at myself for not doing anything.

    Ask a friend along to the workout it helps us both with accountability.

    Do something light and slow, like yoga.

    Think of all the people who can't move and then feel grateful that you CAN!

    Take the dog for a long walk.

    Put my feelings aside and use logic and reasoning. My feelings then change after a good workout.

    Put on dance music and move!

    Reach out to family and friends when there is no motivation.

    I go get my small weights and start toning up.


    The only way to finish your work out is to START.
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    i dont usually workout ; as in taking out time to work out ' per se. but every time i go out, one way or the other i get to walk a long distance. and it helps in my IM business. its a way to stretch out after sitting in front of a system for couple of hours.

    so working out does help a great deal.
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  • Whenever I've been in a slump, I've discovered that it's often because I have too much going on in my life. I'm trying to do too much.

    And it saps my energy and motivation. It's probably the most common mistake that people make: they try to take on too much, try to accomplish too many goals at once. You cannot maintain energy and focus (the two most important things in accomplishing a goal) if you are trying to do two or more goals at once.

    It's not possible -- I've tried it many times.

    You have to choose one goal, for now, and focus on it completely. I know, that's hard. Still, I speak from experience. You can always do your other goals when you've accomplished your One Goal.
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    I am not in the habit but doing my best. So I get off my a$$ and work out. If you find it hard to work out think about what motivates you. If you think about your fitness goal every day, it is much more likely to become true. Posting the goal on your wall or computer desktop helps a lot. Sending yourself daily reminders also helps. And if you can commit to doing one small thing to further your goal (even just 5 minutes) every single day, your goal will almost certainly come true.
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    I have 2 rules:
    Eliminate high-carb foods + Eat Protein, Fat and Veggies.

    I only work out 3 to 4 times a week at the moment and I feel good inside out.

    Each to his or her own...
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    Working out is one of the best ways to improve everything about you: health, mood, work performance, the list goes on.

    The overwhelming majority of "conditions" and "diseases" and complaints in the western world can be reversed and fixed simply through diet and exercise.

    When my clients want to improve their job or business performance, the first thing I look at is their diet and then their exercise routine, if any. Any plan or strategy for improvement comes after that.

    Visit for proven advice and techniques to elevate your mind, body, and self-image.

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    Great thread, any kind of exercise will benefit how you feel when your working online. Working out will trigger an endorphin rush that will help you produce better content and work more effectively. I love working out myself and have my own fitness blog so it is easier for me to write content afterwards.
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    Yes I work out & yes it helps with IM business: more than a person who doesn't work out could understand!

    Let me give you a visual of what I mean.

    When I was a pre-teen and throughout my teenage years I excelled in sports and academia. The more sport I done the more energy and life I had - I loved sport and I reaped the benefits in all areas of my life.

    Late in my teenage years I had a real bad patch in my life - a lot went on which knocked me. I don't want to delve into the details of private life but a sequence of events left me feeling down, depressed and miserable - I downward spiraled and pretty much lost everything I'd ever cared about - and after months of inactivity I lost my fitness too!

    It wasn't until I climbed out of my depression, with the benefit of hindsight, that I can testify just how much getting healthy and active has done for me - when you keep fit you have an 'energy' that you can put into anything you do. When you neglect your health and fitness you lose this 'energy'.

    This 'energy' makes such a difference, to your mood, your relationships, your work, focus, attitude, life!

    Well, that's my 2 cents worth anyway, take it or leave it ;D

    Hope my post was helpful
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    Not only do I work out a lot, but I also take an hour walk everyday, first thing in the morning.

    I get my headphones, put some money affirmations on repeat, and just walk around my neighborhood.

    Not only is this a great method for fat loss, but it programs your mind for wealth and success, and it is a stress reliever that makes the rest of the day smooth and productive.

    You should give this a shot. . . It is definitely worth it!

    Hope this is helpful for you!

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    When I do, it works! The issue for me is consistency.
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