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Confidence is a skill that can be practiced. You have to love yourself to help you stop caring about what everyone else thinks about you. You have to express yourself rather than trying to impress. Hope you found this video helpful.

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    When I first made the switch to internet marketing, I hired a coach to help me make the transition. In order to have me build up my confidence level, he made me write "I love myself just the way I am" at the top of every thing that I wrote be a blog post or writing in a journal. I have to admit that when he first suggested it and when I first started doing it I thought that it was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard of or done. But, I did it. It has helped immensely. To this day, I still follow through with that little exercise. Try it.
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      Its always best to believe in yourself. a positive mind is one of the keys to success
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    I personally think confidence comes from within

    most people don't understand that being confident can solve most of your problems
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    I truly understand you have to have confidence to succeed! As a 5 year old boy! I wanted to have superpowers! Once I got involve in Phyiscal fitness at 14! I train, study, and figure out how to become stronger. Now im 40 a up and coming performing strongman / speaker, self defense instructor, network marketing and advocate
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    If you are not educated on it already, you should research mindfulness. It has changed my life. My confidence, my attitude, my work ethic!
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    Here's how to be confident : Stop CARING what people think!

    Just do what you, and do it to the best of your ability.

    When you stop caring what people think, you stop needing to request validation from others!

    In turn you learn to be yourself, and be the best version of yourself!
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    Confidence is about valuing your perception of yourself over the perceptions other people have of you.

    It's not blatantly disregarding what people think of you. That can disconnect you socially.

    But it's taking what people think of you and saying "What I think of myself, and what I'm doing in life, is more important."

    It plays out in every interaction you have.

    When you talk to someone you're attracted to, you think more about whether you like them, rather than whether they like you.

    When someone doesn't want to do business with you, you think more about it being their loss, rather than you losing their business.

    When someone unsubscribes from your email list, you think more about having subscribers who actually want to hear from you, rather than what you could have done to keep that person subscribed.

    Here is my definition of confidence from an article I wrote on my personal development blog:

    Self-Confidence – trusting oneself to handle a situation, despite feelings that may hold one back and cause doubt, and using this trust in oneself to take action. Trusting oneself to navigate their life with purpose.

    When you care more about your perception of yourself, rather than the perception other people have of you, you trust yourself to perform in situations. You don't let what other people may think stop you.

    That trust in yourself is too deep. It's too strong.

    And that's what gives you confidence.

    Author of The Content Marketing Guidebook

    Traffic Gen Tutorial: Learn 21 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website (for free).

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    Nice vid.

    Thanks for the share

    It's a simple concept. But very hard to practice not being affected by what other people think or say about you.


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