Why Most Of Us Are Hypocrites At One Point Or Another ...

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Here's the thing ...

The truth is not an easy thing to accept.

You are not as special as you think you are ... nor things will turn out fine just on their own.

You are good at self-deceiving, just as I am. Just as the entire human race is.

I think it is in our DNA to deceive ourselves.

But you know what's worse?

We are hypocrites.

We talk about self-development ... self-improvement but we rarely act on it.

We talk about success while doing things that will not lead us there.

Five minutes ago, I've caught myself asking this ...

Dude ...

You ******* idiot (excuse my language) ...

If your goal is important ... if this is important ... if doing that is important ...

And you say it is important, you yell it is important.

Why the **** are you doing something else now?

Is hypocrisy to say one thing and do another. It's not like you are advancing your life in another direction.

You are just wasting time.

And yes ... I've realized it.

If something is important to you, you spent time on or doing that thing.

If business is important, you spend time working.

If family is important, you spend time with your family.

You can't say one thing and do another ... and except to be successful. You need to be consistent.

It is a hard pill to swallow, like most absolute truths.

It is easier to think ...

"The universe will send me money and happiness".

I'm curios, from a quantitative and qualitative basis, how many people actually get something for nothing?

Get something for just wishing it?

I used to get something just for wishing it. When I was 12. From my parents.

Now if I want something, I had to get my backside from the chair and get to work.

So ... here's a piece of advice.

Stop being a hypocrite.

If you say that you want to make $10.000 this month ...


If you say you want to see your kids growing and be there for them ...

Then for GOD'S SAKE ... don't send your kid in his room when he comes to you for advice because you want to watch the news.

Ayn Rand ... the writer of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead said an important thing ...

"You can ignore reality but you can't ignore the consequences of reality".

In other words ...

You can jump now on the window ... believing that there is no gravity.

But you'll most likely fall down and break your legs.

The same with life ...

You can say that things are your way just because you think you are better than everyone else ...

But universal laws are universal laws.
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    So true.

    To achieve your goals, you must learn to work on it whether you want it or not. Stop making excuses.


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    Right time to harvest but not sure what fruit it is.Universal laws always works but I am not sure that it compromise with me.

    Number 11 is lucky in snake & ladders.

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    Interesting post. If you haven't already, you should research mindfulness. not the definition, but how to live it. It has changed my life.
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