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Hello Internet warriors. I am hoping that one day I will be seasoned and find the success like many of you had. Obviously I am new and very overwhelmed. I have been researching different strategy's on building an income "online". I have failed to find success on being consistent and actually profiting. I have learned basics on video marketing,seo (google sniper) sites, cpa,. I have found that I am lost. However, I will not quit because failure is the stepping stone to success. I have some questions as follows. How does someone develop the mindset / evolving as a person to become a huge success in product creativity? What have past warriors done to succeed? What are the most rewards and enjoyment from this en-devour? What are the qualities of successful marketers in this field? Most importantly, Where do I turn? I thank everyone for their time in advance it is greatly appreciated. I want this more then the next guy. Thank's in advance.
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    I'm fairly new to this too, I've been going strong about 3 months now. I'm studying regularly, I'm doing things that help my productivity and am less 'in my head'. My sleep has also improved drastically and I find it easier to get up and stay awake.

    As for where to turn. I don't think you need to turn at all. You're asking questions, a lot of questions and that's good. It demonstrates a willingness to listen to reason as it subconsciously tells people you don't know what you're doing. Take ownership of that fact and realise that there's more for you to do before you start seeing results.

    Something I found helpful is that if an idea you have isn't working, don't scrap the idea entirely and try a new one. Tweak it and try again. That way you don't totally lose the experience you gained by starting from scratch and have a better chance of success.

    If after the third or fourth time you don't see results, then it might be time for a change. But the amount of times you try is at your discretion, more than twice I would say.
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    How does someone develop the mindset / evolving as a person to become a huge success in product creativity?

    Intentional personal brainwashing. I have found a small handful of books that I believe that outline laws of success including mindset, gotten those books on audio book, and listened to them 20+ times each. I don't just listen though like a mindless robot. I truly listen intently. After many listens you can start say the book aloud as you read it.

    From a money standpoint i listen to
    Think and grow rich (the in a minute version)

    And form a religious stand point the book is Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. There are others but thiese are my top 2. If you listen to the same message every day day in and oiut your mind will start acting upon the message automatically.

    What have past warriors done to succeed?
    1.) brainwash myself
    2.) Find products of value that people are willing to pay for.
    3.) Figure out how to get them in-front of those who are willing to pay for them.

    What are the most rewards and enjoyment from this en-devour?

    Somebody telling me that I have changed their lives, or that I have encouraged them or inspired them.

    What are the qualities of successful marketers in this field?
    2.) Finding the proper balance between learning and doing.

    so many people get trapped in the cycle of forever learning but never doing.

    Most importantly, Where do I turn?

    Here I must throw in a shameless plug. I have my own membership website. Its called the newbie underground. Inside the newbie underground there is a forum called the "Underground Chambers". Its a place where we take systems that ARE WORKING AND PRODUCING for us and help new members duplicate them for themselves.

    We then gather together in online conferences, and Google hangouts, on a regular basis with others in the group who are all using the same systems. In each meeting we talk about what IS working, what is NOT working, and we brainstorm on how to make our systems better.

    We basically stop trying to conquer the internet world alone. We do it together.
    Where There is a Willis....There is a WAY!!!
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    What helped me to stop being overwhelmed is by simply to focus on one thing at a time. If you like affiliate marketing for instance, then focus just on that. Do not read or buy threads / emails / courses on anything else. Just learn and most importantly DO everything on affiliate marketing that you can.

    If it is video marketing that you want to do. Focus just on that. Break it down into steps :

    1. Find product to promote
    2. Create Video
    3. Promote Video.

    (I do not know all the steps of video marketing )

    Now, write step one down on a piece of paper. Now focus on it. Do everything to get step one done. Do not look at the other steps. Forget them completely. Just focus on step one until it is done. Do not start thinking "but what about step 3" if you are still busy with step one. Once you are finished with a step, then you do the same for the next step.

    Unsubscribe from all emails about other "methods" or industries. Do not buy a course about "marketing on amazon and make a gazzilion $$$", you focus on "video marketing". do not read threads or by any ebook or read any email that does not have direct relevance to the step that you are busy with at the time.

    Soon you will become focused and more importantly you will not feel so overwhelmed. You will just focus on one step at a time and not move on until it is done. It is important, write down the step you are busy with on a blank piece of paper and just focus on it. Do not write all the steps down, just the one you are busy with. This way you will get things DONE and soon you will be an expert in your field.
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    Hello, I did not expect such detailed and specific responses. Thank's guys, you definitely got the wheels turning. I believe that brainwashing is a necessity especially in today's world. From day one most of us are told need a J.O.B. , go to school in order to become a success. I really dislike jobs , how is it that someone can tell you your worth ex amount of dollars an hour/year? Finally, school is just their to get smart. With all these negatives implanted in the beginning, it is hard to say how long the rewash will take.
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    How does someone develop the mindset / evolving as a person to become a huge success in product creativity?

    Listen to audio and read books daily that are associated with the mindset you're tyring to achieve. For example you could listen to motivational audio and read books from Tony Robbins and/or another guy/girl that resonates with you.

    What have past warriors done to succeed?

    Master one business model at a time and don't give up until you succeed. Stay focused on that one business model and eliminate all other distractions. Listen to audio and read books to help you stay positive during tough times. Surround yourself with as much positivity and motivation as possible because it is very tempting to give up.

    What are the most rewards and enjoyment from this en-devour?

    The lifestyle of freedom and the ability to be in charge of your financial situation in life. It is a great feeling to know that you have the skills necessary to write your own paychecks. It's also a great feeling to be able to work your own hours.

    What are the qualities of successful marketers in this field?

    Self discipline, perseverance, self-reliance, focus, and tenacity are just a few of the qualities you need to be successful. I believe that if you have those qualities above in combination with the right training and work ethic then you can almost guarantee your own success.

    Most importantly, Where do I turn?

    Choose a business model you believe in and commit and focus to that one business model 110%. Also, find a mentor or somebody who has reached the success that you want and then do what he/she does.
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