Would you hire a success coach/mentor?

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Hi Warriors,

I recently hired a coach who is totally brilliant and a pleasure to work with. I feel like a burden has been lifted and I more clear and focused. The support system is outstanding. The majority of successful people I know have used coaches/mentors in the past.

Just curious.

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    Of course i would , if i could find someone that could really help me. I don't know everything, and there is always time for improvments.
    Also its a lot easy , because you don t have to learn for yourself no more. You have someone who points you in the right directions, telling you exactly what to learn and where to find it.
    But unfortunatelly this days, real coaches/mentors are very little.
    Instead, there are a lot of newbies, how made 1000-10.000$ online , and they immediatly, put a training program, which is full by a lot of ebooks,videos..etc but no real support.

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    • My coach is David Preston, the legendary consultant. The fees can be costly if there is lack of money (which is common for many of us).

      I have purchased several books, audios etc. I now know I need a someone to coach me and that I have the ability to contact them. The accessibility is priceless.
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        Yes it must be great to have a personal coach... if you can pay for one.

        I don't have that kind of money so I buy books written by inspired people.
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          I imagine that having a coach or mentor does help, but ultimately it must be you yourself that does the work and makes your business a success. I think that many people are looking for a shortcut to riches, and so when their first few attempts don't work, they start dreaming of having a mentor.

          I think people also believe that if they get a mentor they will instantly transform into the confident, creative business person that they wish to be. A mentor or coach cannot transform you into that person; you have to do it yourself.

          They may give you great tips on what you're doing wrong, but equally they're not going to run your business for you.
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    Looking at the exorbitant rates these life coaches charge i do not go any where near them rather i read their wonderful books and try to learn from it.My favourite book is The Monk who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma.It is a wonderful book.its another matter as of now i can not even think of hiring Robin Sharma as my life coach.
    BTW whom you hired ?and what his rates were?
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  • Absolutely. If you don't have a mentor in your company, business, associations, or personal life, hire one.
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    Any feedback on Stephen Pierce?

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    • I hear Stephen Pierce is amazing. He is considered a guru in the industry. I know he is on an international tour and tons of people following him on twitter. He is coming to Florida in July or August. I may try to go to this event. I am not sure what is coaching fees are.
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    I have had the luxury of free success coaching from a close friend new to the industry.

    It is one of the most helpful things I have done - not just for business either - but for m personal life goals.

    it is very helpful to have someone to share your goals with and be held accountable.
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      If you can afford it...

      It is always a plus to have another mind and
      perception on your side!

      Having someone to look over your shoulder and
      point out things that you normally would miss
      is an invaluable resource!
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        It must be great to always have some green light upon your path towards success. It shortens lots of vague steps that we are not sure of.
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          I have a Life coach, as well as being a life/success coach to others. I am a corporate trainer as well as a Martial Arts Instructor. My first life coach was a Martial Arts Instructor. From him I learned the rudiments of goal setting, time management, helping others, and many training and teaching concepts. When I started teaching others I found I had to become more knowledgeable in how to motivate, how to teach others to goal set, how to instill self-discipline in others so they can fulfill their dreams as well as many other concepts to help others succeed.

          When I became a corporate trainer I found all of these benefits I have been teaching for years also works in the corporate world. I have gone from being a trainer to helping individuals truly succeed in their lives, both personal and professional.

          I enjoy helping others succeed, it is my passion. It is an incredible feeling to see the look in another person eyes when they realize they can do something they never thought was possible.

          I have had many people influence me in my life. like most of the posting I have read here I am an avid reader, and love to find a book, CD, DVD, or podcast that I can learn something new from. I put that new arrow in my quiver and then make it a part of what I teach others.

          To your success,

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    It would be fantastic to have a one to one success coach, I can't afford it at the moment but I found an interesting & challenging program for July at Michael Neill's Genius Catalyst - Bringing Your Genius To Life! called "Creating the Impossible", it's just kicked off if anyone's interested in taking a look.
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      I won a series of meetings with a life coach
      through a raffle at my children's school and
      it was amazing.

      She normally charged $75 but I got to meet
      with her for free and it was life changing.

      She honest and brutal when evaluating
      what I was doing in my life.

      It was hard to face the truth, but it got
      me off my butt and forced me to start
      working towards my dreams instead of
      running in fear.

      I've moved and phone consulations
      just don't work well for me...I like to meet
      face to face so she and I are working together
      to find a new coach in my area.

      It works, no doubt about it.
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    Having a mentor in your life is absolutely essential to your success. Anyone who says differently may get to the top eventually, but Id rather take the elevator, than the stairs.

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    coach = elevator
    diy = stairs

    more like diy = scratch in the dirt and try to design the entire building first! but great little metaphor Ramone!
    The Ya THINK? channel of a true UnderDog Guardian - Healing the world, One Underdog at a time
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      Unfortunately, most of us can only afford the 'stairs' but there are other options...such as mentors who are generous with their time and help as exemplified by Kevin Riley's SuccessManifesto2011 program.

      It might not be one-on-one as in paid coaching programs but damn close.

      If you join the program, you get invited to his weekly Mastermind sessions where you can ask questions on marketing, product creation, etc along with likeminded individuals. It's brainstorming with the master and I come away with my head buzzing full of new ideas and projects.

      Try it, you'll love it.

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    With all of the nonsense floating around and all of the self proclaimed GURUS on the internet these days a reputable success coach that you have researched to your satisfaction and are comfortable that they can help further your business is a great idea if and when you can afford them I feel very strong that we all need someone to give us a lift up. One reason i enjoy this forum good info.
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    I fully agree with having a coach, why should we be different than pro atheletes? People think nothing that in sport coaching is essential to success, yet many feel in life we can't use a little direction to get us on our way.

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    I believe the same that having a coach is much better than being a man on an island :-( Another thing is the information is personalized for you and because you pay for it, you take it much more seriously than if you read it on a forum or the like. It's funny because that is exactly what my mentor, Dan Miller, mentions all the time.

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    Yes, I have had coaches and mentors. In their own ways I have something form each.
    Just stay focused, set daily,weekly,monthly,and yearly goals that can be finished.
    Most important stay persistent,then reevaluate where you stand.
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