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Hi Warriors,

From time to time, I have to read over and over, "Who Moved My Cheese?" It is a quick read, entertaining and truthful.

Has anyone else read? Did you find it motivational?

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    yes I read it once, it is motivational but there are more out there with more power.

    Awaken the giant within - Anthony Robbins
    Rich dad poor dad series - Robert. Kiyosaki

    Think n grow rich - my favourite
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      What is this book about?

      Could you share some info on the book?

      Why is it worth reading?
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      • It is about 4 characters that live in a maze and look for cheese for nourishment & happiness. Two mice are Sniff & Scurry. There are two "Littlepeople" which are Hem and Haw.

        The cheese is a metaphor for what you want out of life (job, healthy relationships, money, great health, peace, etc).

        The maze is where you look for what you want( your work organization, family, community etc.)

        All characters are faced w/ unexpected change. One of them deals w/ it successfully & writes about what he has learned from his experience in the maze w/ the walls. It was the handwriting on the wall helped deal w/ the unexpected changes in life.

        Here is the link for more info:

        Who Moved My Cheese?


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    • I have read the Rich Dad series. It has changed the my thought process totally. I will read the other Awaken the giant within. Thanks for the book title!
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    Same questions as above, what is about on this book, and also where can we find it?

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    Who moved my cheese was really very very inspiring especially the central message that you cant be complaisant with your success and neither should remain in the state of inertia you should pursue your 'cheese' relentlessly with passion and with faith,you are surely going to get your cheese.
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    I definitely recommend this reading this book at least once. It's a quick read, metaphorical, and thought provoking. I like insightful creative works such as this.
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    I often recommend it to my workshop attendees. It's a parable, written by one of the One Minute Manager authors Spencer Johnson. It deals with stereotypical reactions to change.

    Anyway, I personally enjoyed reading it.

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    Great book, Anjanette! It's a quick but powerful read.

    You would probably like "The Alchemist" which is a great story with a lot of similar messages.

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    • Hi Michael,

      I will definitely pick up the book. Thanks for the suggestion.
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