How The HEART af a HONEY BADGER -- Is Key to True Success !!!

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I learned years ago that to be successful one must acquire the Heart of a Honey Badger. If you have seen the internet sensation "Honey Badger By Randall" video the you know exactly what the honey badger is.

If this is the case then you can skip to my video about having a heart of a honey badger.

If you know nothing about the honey badger then watch the video about the hone badger below first then move on to my reply video.

WARNING: RANDALL'S VIDEO HAS ADULT LANGUAGE. The Video is a little slow in the beginning but if you haven't seen this yet stick it through to the end because its pretty amazing.

Now let me help you understand how having the heart of a honey badger is essential for success.

Thanks for taking the time to view this thread. Hope this helps someone.
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