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Joe Mobley
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    Yes, if people learnt to think this way, they would allow a great deal more clarity, joyfulness, prosperity, simplicity and creativity into their lives (and less debt)! I would add move out of the US (or real expensive countries) or learn to live more simply in the natural, cheaper areas of the US while you are working on your IM projects. I have done this for years and it works beautifully! Living in other countries may be real cheap and sometimes lot more fun than living in US! Try it! Living simpler, you make a lot more room for what matters in your life and the net result is a happier, healthier, less stressful life!

    MUCH better than Law of Attraction and it's Free -

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    In many cases less can be more. It is funny this was posted today because I had an old friend come by the house after playing baseball. As we sat in the living room and talked for about half hour, I had to go to the bathroom.

    When I came back from the bathroom he had the television on trying to get the channels to work.

    "We haven't watched T.V so long that I decided to have it disconnected."

    The puzzled look was unforgettable. I knew he was urging for some entertainment so i said "I will grab the Xbox and hook it up if ya like"

    Another puzzled look, "Why would it not be hooked up? What do you do?"


    After this experience I remembered my desire for entertainment, and lack of personal ambition. Having little need for this now has brought be more happiness then ever before.. I certainly don't get upset to miss out on a new movie, or have any desire to buy the next best game. Another thing that plays a factor in the beginning stages of success. Having priorities for what lead to success.
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    i would really like wifi that loads you tubes up during the day

    and because the eye of typhoon glenda went right over where i am staying ..i got the experience of being without running water for three days ..and power for almost 5 ..

    public bathroom with toilet paper .. and toilet seats for that matter .

    and i learned the hard way not to drink anything with ice in it in hotels as the ice tends to be made with tap water .. so going through that while there was no running water .

    but i am real happy not to be somewhere where i need a car ..i don't even think i would want to drive a car in the Philippines..and i can there are many places to buy food withing a 5 minute walk to cook stuff with .

    there is a line with stuff ..is the stuff you have improving your experience ..or is much of your daily experience working to pay for your stuff or to buy new stuff or to take care of your stuff ..while not having new or exciting experience .

    i kinda need a new woman though had to kick the so called wifey out because of the ideas she had about how to spend my money ..and i got frustrated about it then she grilled me from 5 pm to midnight ..went to bed woke up made breakfest and started again .

    get the thing or people who are not adding to the experience or intentionally making your experience miserable..out asap .

    and the people around you are more important than the stuff ..in the US that gets lost
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    Having more simplicity is a great way to enjoy your life and letting more opportunities to occur.

    Thats why it is important to get rid of your old stuff to give the opportunity for new things come into your life.

    "Never, Never, Never Give Up" /Winston Churchill

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    I like it! This blog might be of some interest since it follows the same mindset as the video here. zenhabits
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    Simplicity forces you to choose quality over quantity which vastly improves your life. I like to have less clothes but clothes I really love that will last me a long time. My apartment is also very simplistic, which helps me stay clean and organized easily. I prefer to have less but very good quality friendships, which helps me have a drama-free support group. Having less material object and other things in my life helps me achieve and take in more day to day.
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    Economizing our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual spaces is a wonderful way in which we can create a more focused, resilient and direct lifestyle.

    The space we create can be filled with positive contributions and energy which will, when given the correct amount of space to be effective, will manifest in more of what we want and less of what we don't want.
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