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Hey everyone, I previously talked about a goal I set here on WF -

Well, I can certainly say this is not what I left incomplete. Lately I have indeed been writing articles for both my website, and various other locations throughout the web to reach this goal. However,,, It seemed I got over my head with things.

Incomplete Projects

Throughout the weeks I had been getting ideas and writing about them. We hear often, it is good to always be ready to write your ideas down. It Is!

What I had been doing though, Is using my phone to begin topics, and not finish them. Right now I have compiled over 50 articles waiting to be looked at. Every time after looking through a couple I felt no connection. This made it difficult to finish them with heart and purpose. Almost like a writers block, but I was writing quick tutorials for my followers to help them with their business'. Still, I have been quoted as "Super Inspirational" but couldn't complete any of these articles.

What Did I Do That Helped?

On a notepad "Home-screen widget on my smartphone", I displayed 3 titles of incomplete projects. For each 3 titles I wrote 2 questions, proceeding with empty spaces.
  1. How has/can this benefit my lifestyle or business?
  2. How can others understand and benefit from this?

Throughout the last couple days I have been inspired in unusual ways. Not only have I discovered a way to re-inspire myself to finish my overload of articles. I have also found a new way to continue gaining inspiration with the world around me. A quick little reference, and asking myself the right questions while taking note when I am inspired.

Have any writers here found themselves stuck with a pile of incomplete projects?

Have you found a way out of this spiral? Share your story, and help me help a few more!

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