25 Tips Toward Boosting Your Confidence And Self Esteem.

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25 tips toward boosting your confidence and self esteem.

1. Love Yourself:

This can take a bit of practice and looks really funny, but try it, it works. When you wake up, give yourself a great big hug. Do the same when it's time for sleep.

You've heard this said a million times before: "How can you expect others to love you if you don't love yourself?" It's true. Practice the morning and evening hugs for 2 weeks, maybe 3 weeks if you're the stubborn type, and you'll see how well it works.

2. Look in the mirror:

Every time you pass a mirror, look into it and flash your biggest and best smile at yourself. It might feel strange at first, but eventually it'll make you feel brilliant about yourself. Tell yourself "Looking good!" or "Wow, I love me!" or similar phrases often enough to actually start believing it.

3. Do things that make you feel good:

This can be anything from listening to music, trekking in the Andes, doing some volunteer work or even just taking a shower. Anything that gives you a positive feeling about yourself works for this one.

4. Listen to YOU:

Face it. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself, no matter how many people try to tell you differently. So if your body, mind or gut is telling you something, then take notice of it, and don't worry about what other people may possibly have to say about it.

5. Talk to YOU:

In times of stress, take a time-out break. Wander into your own mind and have a conversation with yourself about anything at all. Tell yourself how lucky you are to be you, and praise yourself for every good and positive thing you can attribute to yourself.

6. Remove negatives:

If anything feels like it's dragging you down, get rid of it. If it's clutter, tidy up, if it's a friend full of negativity explain nicely that you don't really feel up to talking right now. If it's your kids acting up, leave the room for a while and so on.

7. Surround with positives:

Surround yourself with things that bring out good feelings in you. Examples could be things such as happy, upbeat friends, a nice new picture, a new car, an old comfy blanket, candles, pictures of your family, your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse etc.

8. Rumours Die:

Did you hear something about somebody who said something about somebody else? Drop it! Rumours are nasty, horrible things that will only bring you down. Best way to kill a rumour? Ignore it!

9. Total Honesty:

Be totally honest with yourself at all times. If there's something you don't like, admit it. If there's something you don't want to do "right now" and it isn't necessary for health and safety reasons then just don't do it until you feel like it.

Same goes for the positive aspects. If there's something you want to do, and it's not hurting anybody, then go ahead and do it. If you start feeling great about yourself for no apparent reason admit it and enjoy the feeling.

10. Responsibility

Take full responsibility for your own actions. Don't shove the blame for anything over onto someone or something else. We all make choices in our lives, and once we take responsibility for those choices we tend to choose better for ourselves.

Once we start to choose better, we feel better and things start falling into place. On the other hand, don't take over someone else's responsibilities just because you feel "you have to".

11. Pretend:

If you feel unsafe, unsure or nervous then go inside yourself and pretend you're a hot-shot lawyer, actor, actress, singer or whatever you need to be.

Make believe you're presenting yourself as that person would until you feel better. Trust me, you WILL feel better, and eventually have no need to be anything but yourself.

12. Keep Trying:

If you're trying to do something but don't get it right first time round, then try again, and again, and again, constantly learning from your mistakes until you get it right. When you finally DO get it right, you'll feel wonderful about it.

13. Credit where credit is due:

If you've done something really good, and people compliment you on it, accept the compliments with thanks! Understand that they're complimenting because they really ARE impressed with what you've done.

Believe in you and give yourself a pat on the back. (Although physically it would probably be easier to just give yourself a round of applause).

14. Stand Tall:

Standing up straight will ALWAYS make you feel better about yourself than slouching does. Stand with your feet slightly apart, suck in your tummy and behind, broaden your shoulders and straighten your neck. It's an amazingly quick confidence boost.

15. Say Hello:

Make it a rule to say hi to at least one person you don't know EVERY day. Give them the smile you flash at yourself in the mirror, the biggest and best one you can find. They'll smile back automatically, and they'll walk away with a little extra confidence boost thanks to you.

People look their best when they smile, and they also feel better by smiling too! This ultimately means you get a confidence boost too, for making someone else feel good about themselves.

16. Never Say Never....Ever:

If you think something can't be done, then you'll end up proving yourself right eventually. So never say never, just keep plugging along until it works for you.

If other people are telling you it can't be done, you're going to feel such immense satisfaction at actually doing it that your confidence will soar.

17. Get Active:

Don't sit around the house just doing nothing. Get up, go out, cycling, walking, exercising, anything that might invigorate your brain. A lively brain full of thoughts will help you gain confidence.

18. "Happy Foods":

Happy foods, such as chocolate, strawberries, lemons, ice-cream etc will increase the serotonin levels in your brain, leading to an increased feeling of happiness.

Feeling happy is a natural confidence boost. So go on, enjoy your food! (in moderation, of course).

19. Face Your Fear:

Is there something you are afraid of? Face it full on. Doing something scary and overcoming the fear is a fantastic way to boost your confidence. So go on, jump out of that plane (with a parachute of course), drive that car, speak in front of a large crowd, ask for a promotion, or whatever it is that scares you. You'll feel absolutely brilliant once it's done.

20. Willpower:

Create a goal that you really want to reach. Possibly something like weight loss before a certain time, giving up smoking or having a certain amount of money in the bank within so many months etc. Take baby steps, and use your willpower until you succeed at reaching your goal.

It will be really hard, as will power can be very elusive at times, but keep going and don't give up. Once you have reached that first goal by using your willpower you will have the confidence to create new goals AND reach them.

21. Ask questions:

Any time you find yourself worrying about something you haven't done, or something you think you should have done, ask yourself positive questions. Instead of thinking "I'm terrible for missing my friend's birthday" think "What can I do to make my friend feel special?"

Or, instead of "Why can't I ever seem to do things on time?" change it to "What can I change to better manage my time" Creating positive questions will release the negative energies which have a tendency to pull down your self confidence.

22. Learn:

Accept that not everything works out the way we plan it. Decide to accept any mistakes and rejections as part of a learning curve that we all need to go through.

Without mistakes, you can't learn from your own experiences. Remember, experience builds confidence, so always learn as much as you can.

23. List:

Write a list of every single thing you're good at, anything from clipping the dog's toenails to putting up a shelf. Take the time to sit and actually think about what you ARE good at and add them all to the list. You'll be surprised at how many things you end up jotting down, no matter how minor or trivial they may seem at the time.

Whenever you have a spare 5 minutes, or if you're feeling a little low, take the list out of your pocket and read it. This is a great little way to give yourself a nice confidence boost.

24: Help out:

There are lots of ways to help others, and feeling useful and helpful are great ways of building your confidence. Just make sure you do things because you WANT to do them. You could call a good friend who may be down at the moment-even take them out for coffee, you will brighten both your days, or you could possibly help out at an old folks home or similar. Knowing that people appreciate your help will boost your confidence for sure.

25: Show the way:

Think of the one thing you do best of all. Think long and hard about this one. Thought of something? Now, find a discussion group or similar related to that topic and spread your wisdom by answering questions, offering advice or help to anybody needing it. If you can't find a group, you could even start one yourself.

People will look up to you and that will give you all the more reason to feel confident about yourself.

Originally Posted by Jonathan 2.0 View Post

I'd like to add another (that's similar to "Face your fear" and "Keep trying"):

26. Face/overcome important challenges. (This has been the thing that has contributed to my self-esteem the most.) As one of my favorite quotations (from Ruben Gonzalez ) goes: Every time we face a challenge we have a choice to make. Will we get bitter or better? Decide to get better. Face the challenge it's there to make you stronger. You will need that strength further down the road when you'll be facing even bigger challenges. : )
#boosting #confidence #esteem #tips
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    Wow - Your 25 tips are wonderful!

    I think if you look at the lives of people in our society that are the biggest winners, the quality that sets them apart from the rest is most likely self confidence and self love! So these tips should definitely be worked with daily for ourselves and also for our children!

    Thanks for sharing!

    MUCH better than Law of Attraction and it's Free -

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    I'd like to add another (that's similar to "Face your fear" and "Keep trying"):

    26. Face/overcome important challenges. (This has been the thing that has contributed to my self-esteem the most.) As one of my favorite quotations (from Ruben Gonzalez ) goes:
    Every time we face a challenge we have a choice to make. Will we get bitter or better? Decide to get better. Face the challenge it's there to make you stronger. You will need that strength further down the road when you'll be facing even bigger challenges.
    Thanks for the great post origin.
    : )
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Awesome list Stephan!
    Wow, you put some thought into writing this. Great job!

    Giggle - "Happy Food" Call me out on this, but first thing I thought about was "Special Brownies" If you know what mean!

    In all, Keep active, healthy, positive, and never forget what is important to you. When you know what is important to you, grow on it.

    Your heading down an awesome path!
    Damien Parsons
    Success Coach | Writer
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    Very good list actually and I learned a lot.

    The one thing I try to never do is blame myself. Self Blaming is a long road to absolutely nowhere. Everyone makes mistakes. Just say, well ok so I learned what not to do. Don't dwell on those mistakes and punish yourself with name calling. It never works out good.
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    Wonderful list you got right there!
    I think the best way to boost your confidence is to stop being what others think you should be. top pleasing everybody and instead be yourself. be who you really are and show people that you are wonderful the way you are now.
    Thanks for sharing this!
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    Great tips! My favorite would be number 1. Nothing beats Loving Yourself when you're boosting self-esteem! Thanks for sharing this!
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    FANTASTIC list, origin! I don't think enough people do #5 - it's so important to be connected to yourself and frequently "check in" with yourself.

    You can NEVER lose track of your wants, needs and mission in life. As soon as you do you are running a huge risk of losing yourself. Just the beginning of the self esteem plummet. No thanks!
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    26. Trust the Force

    Awesome list, origin.
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    One of my favourites :

    10. Responsibility

    Take full responsibility for your own actions. Don't shove the blame for anything over onto someone or something else. We all make choices in our lives, and once we take responsibility for those choices we tend to choose better for ourselves.

    This happens when you start to grow up and become an adult. You take responsibility for yourself and your actions. A lot of confidence comes your way when you do this.
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    Great post Origin! Some unique and fantastic suggestions. It's good to see some positive posts like this one in here again. Quality. I appreciate it and just shared it on FB - something I hardly ever do.
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    This list - in my opinion - is excellent. Daily activity and daily promotion of positive thought CAN and WILL make a great impact on the lives of those that decide to make this a part of their action plan.
    Thank you for sharing your list!

    Read my article on 4 "no cost or low cost" opportunities to make money!

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    Needed this today! Thanks!
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    Great List! One more for you:


    Focus on the things you can control and try not to worry about the things you can't. That way, you're always in the game, you'll naturally accomplish a higher percentage of your tasks and in general you'll end up feeling much better.
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    Great list! add this one:

    28. Gratitude:

    This is where you reflect for a moment and take-stock of what you have right now and what you have to be grateful for by writing a gratitude list. This reflection reminds us of our achievements and reminds us of how great life really is, and motivates us into attaining and accomplishing more.
    It puts us at ease and gives us a "Confidence and Self Esteem" and a greater expectation as we move forward.

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    Awesome list.

    I'm a big believer working on increasing your self confidence and self esteem.

    These qualities are tied to success in anything you do.


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    Great advice! Thanks for sharing.


    Inspiration and encouragement for people with BIG DREAMS!

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      Great compilation! Everyone needs to hear this

      Jon P. Belt

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    Great pointers here!!! Remove negatives and negative thoughts is a sticking point for me!
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