What If Money Didn't Matter?

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Pretty deep question right?

What if money DID NOT matter in your life?

What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you spend most
of your time with?

These are all things that I think about a lot. I believe in society
we are all taught to play it safe...roll over. We're all taught to
not take that chance because it could be too "risky".

Someone shared a YouTube video with me that I think you will enjoy
and it pretty much answers this question.

What would you do if money did not matter?

See the video here.


That's pretty deeeeep stuff.

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    i have found this question to be misleading .. sort of like the advice follow your passion.

    the real question.. is how would you provide value to the world if you did not to have to receive money in return..but where able to get what you want .

    or a more pointed question what would you do if money wasn't the main thing that mattered in doing it but you always had enough money .

    i have that answer or i am close ..

    personally i am shifting to balancing my exchange of value with those i deal with ..and you can go beyond money with that. it just takes pruning people out of your life who take more from you than they give who are not people you hatched ..err brought into this world .

    sometimes there is no answer just better questions
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    Really nice video! But it's not so easy to find out what you love to do and be able to survive. It takes time to create that path for yourself and you will falter many times along the way.

    MUCH better than Law of Attraction and it's Free -

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      I think if you looked at people who do things they want to do and live where and how they want to live...you wouldn't find they are rich.

      You'd find money doesn't matter that much to them.
      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
      It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.

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    Sure we all want to make money but it is not the #1 priority in my life, but this question does make me think about why I'm doing what I'm doing.
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    That is the world that I would love to live in. Money just takes the fun out of everything. You have to work some to get a life, and then it's hard to have too much fun outside of work.

    Why can't things be simpler?
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  • Profile picture of the author Yvon Boulianne
    Money is fun to earn, fun to spend and fun to give away, that matter a lot for me, it's one of the best game i know
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    It'd be nice to earn a lot of money, sure. But if it's something that feels more like a job and doesn't feel as fun, then maybe it's not as worth it.
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  • Profile picture of the author Musti
    Then I wish I would live 2000 years ago, take my sword and conquer the world
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  • Profile picture of the author Yvon Boulianne
    I wrote something relating to this, how you can choose another viewpoint and stop chasing purpose and stuff like that here
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    I think life would be a lot easier... and anyway, (call me disillusioned) but after watching Revolution, seriously, "What if money didn't matter?"
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  • Profile picture of the author Yvon Boulianne
    Money is one of the more beautiful thing i know (and i`m a VERY spiritual guy that do lot of meditation)
    It`s a lot like pure energy, you can`t touch it really (theses papers are symbols, not money) but it have a lot of power, it`s real like energy.

    Peoples that can`t create money or that have a negative view point about it are the one nagging about it. Did you ever find someone rich nagging about money ?

    I`m very rich because i can create as much as i want (i have more money than i need really, i don`t stop giving it all around, thousands and thousands to people that i want to help)

    I did the test a lot of time, get up one day and choose to do money for fun, just create some and it work like magick, it`s not really difficult it only take some focus and some energy..

    Once i took $20 for my day spending, nothing else, and got in the city, talk to people and got back with hundreds, just to check my theory (I allways say that you can parachut me in any city of the world and you`ll find my a couples of weeks later with nice cloth, nice girls living in a beautifull place...)

    Two winter ago i took a plane to Hawaii with $160 + my backpack with cloth, nothing else, been there all the winter, started a webdesign business to help some friend in need and came back with awesome story + lot more moneys...

    I don`t say that to brag, really it`s only to show what a simple buddhist guy can do (and it`s nothing compare to peoples i know that do millions or billions, i`m just a simple guy testing life...)

    Change your mind and you will have more money than you need, it`s all in your mind.

    Find how you are poor inside and change that so you won`t be poor outside

    Have a LOT of fun
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  • Profile picture of the author master reseller
    I'm sure I would travel more and spend time with family on vacation, rather than working all the time. I guess it's the same for everyone. If money didn't matter, also I'm sure there would be no poor and no such thing as living in poverty or starving. So that would also be a good thing as even those without money could enjoy life more.
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