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Here's a thing i learned along my way.
I learned to love most of what i do, it's not that much what you do that is important, it's how you see it.
If i tell myself that i hate computer, it won't take long until i hate working with them.
If i tell myself that i love computer, it's won't take long until i love working with them.

One of the big things that most peoples don't know is that there is not separate, independent self, that's an illusion. The self changes by each idea, each interaction, each moment; you are not the same as you were 25 seconds ago when you start reading that...

So if there's no real self then it mean that you can change your view point, change your mind, a bit like a computer software.

Then whatever you do, just reprogram yourself to love it, this way every moments is worth living.

One thing that is important is to be in the present (that mean gift, remember), stop time travelling in the past and in the future and focus on the here and now; Give to peoples, increase their happiness and you will be a lot more happy.

That's not about what you do, it's about how you do it.

Stop trying to find a purpose in your life, a way, a passion ... it's all a lost of energy and times, just focus on giving to your family, to your friends, customers, boss who ever you contact; be the positive force that change their life for the better and you'll see that your life will be awesome.

Take care of your 4 body (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual)
Eat well, sleep well, and exercise your physical body.
Take care of your emotion, make sure have lot of positive peoples around you and get rid of the very negative one.
Focus your mental on the present, let go of the time travelling, go back to the present
Give yourself Trust, Love, and quality times

This i a way of living that will change your live like you have no idea, you will see so much magical stuff happening you will be amazed.

Life is great, awesome, magic but you have to see it that way.
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    Great advice!

    I also believe that it is good to be aware of how you are feeling at every moment.

    If you are feeling joyful, you are on the right track. That means you are going in the right direction to achieve your goals. If you are feeling negative , fearful, overwhelmed, frustrated or anything other than joyful when you do your work you can learn to pivot to a feel good place. Then you will be heading in the right direction.

    Also, if you are not feeling joy regardless of what you do, be open to make a shift in what you are doing. You're doing the wrong thing.

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  • What works for me if finding things to love about the work that I do. I'm naturally nerdy so I look for tasks that appeal to my "nerdy" nature. Anything that allows me to do research do experimentation, or analyze data are things that I would jump to.
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    I agree Yvon, there are twist and turn in life but you have to continue to be positive and continue life, you have to be a positive force in someones life and be with like minded people, That is very important. I really learned a lot from you.
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    I agree with you. People should learn how to live in the present. a lot of people choose the live in the past while some are thinking way too ahead. i guess who you are at this very moment is the rawest form of yourself and what you want right now is the most important thing for you right now.
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    Staying in the past wont be good. Thinking too much won't let you enjoy your present. I think that there should be a balance of the 3. Your past is what shapes you for the present and the present will be your chance to re-shape yourself for the future.
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      This is a nice post.

      I've learned before that life has no purpose. I don't entirely believe in that notion but I don't either want to believe that life has a particular purpose, that our existence means a lot to the world. Maybe for our families, friends, pets, work, and others will count as reasons why we're living. But once they're gone, you won't have a purpose anymore. That was what my Philosophy professor told me before. Makes sense right? I just thought life would be so much better if we focus on the now. The future should be planned but that shouldn't take up most of what's happening in the present. The real purpose of living is to learn every time in order to survive every day. No matter what path you're in, it's the journey that matters, not the destination.
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