Are you moving in the right direction to achieve your life goals? Quick way to find out!

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How To Activate Your Internal Spiritual Guidance System!

In learning LOA, one of the primary lessons we learn is pay attention to how you feel at every moment. Are you generally or more often feeling good or joy? That means you are headed in the right direction. Are you generally or more often feeling stressed out or negative or overwhelmed or anything else other than feeling good? That means you are not. You have like a dowsing rod inside you in your feelings! Isn't this powerful info? This always works for me! I have been using this for years!

What can you do if you are not heading in the right direction (more of the time feeling stressed or negative). You can affirm "it is my primary intent to feel good always!" You can learn to pivot to a feel good place at every moment. This is like an instruction to your subconscious mind to find the correct path that is best to achieve your goal and bring it to you NOW!

As you move closer and closer to your goal you become more and more joyful in your anticipation and expectation! Like a baby about to be delivered!

This is one of the primary lessons or tools people are taught when they learn LOA, so I am sure many people are familiar with this. If you are doing this, regardless of if you're getting success with it or not, please give me your feedback or share comments down below! I want to see how many people are doing this or agree with it.

Another Very Good Question To Ask Yourself Is Are You Internally Guided Or Externally Focused Or Hypnotized?

If you are guided from internal rather than being swayed or hypnotized by the external, that is the quickest way to achieve your life's goals!
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    where is thr group in your signature, I cant find it.
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      @empowerloa, Hi, I am sending you an email with the answer. I understand you cannot pm me. Please let me know if you got my email. Please also delete the previous message. Thanks.

      MUCH better than Law of Attraction and it's Free -

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        HI Intuitive Monkey,

        thanks for that post. It's so very useful. And also for the thread about LOA in action in the Warrior Forum. That thread is so cool.

        I'd love to know more about the group that empowerloa is referring to - and how to join it. You CAN PM me

        Thanks so much.

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    Society for the most part tells us and expects us to be externally driven (via incentive) if we're to achieve anything worthwhile, accumulate wealth and material goods, attain a certain status or title. This may for a time bring "good results" or "success" as defined by society, but it usually doesn't bring any true joy. True as in from within.

    The irony, however, is that being internally driven (via principles) is not only a much faster road to success but also brings lasting joy that's not dependent on external sources. YOU are the source.

    That said, this road is much harder to find in the beginning so most people settle instead for the road most taken.

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    i developed my intution through the way i learned to cook ..

    i actually don't like my food to taste the same every time and do not work with a defined recipe ..

    then there was listening to my far as the way my body reacted when i put different things on my mouth ..and proceeded to swallow them ..

    while i was shopping when i grabbed ingredients there was just a feeling certain things gave they that where right .
    if i was to use a gps .. i get myself as close to the destination as possible before turning it on lol..
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    Nice post!

    Important to find your center and to cleanse yourself from your limiting beliefs and energies.
    For me a mental cleaning everyday is like a shower from inside

    "Never, Never, Never Give Up" /Winston Churchill

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    A lot of people confuse joy and pleasure. Joy is a more even type of happiness with no lows and no highs. Pleasure is usually short lived. I chose joy!
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