Awesome Day - But I Felt Stupid

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So last night it hit me like a tonne of bricks

Some of you may already know I've run a couple websites in the past. With the purpose of course to make money on the side.

About 6 months ago I took a big turn and personal development had become my primary focus in my life. I also joined an affiliate program that I began using myself to help me learn more about building websites with WordPress, and website SEO practices.

This is how I formed my current website.

This is where I want to explain "Why" this has been an awesome day!

Last night I realized a silly mistake I was doing with my articles that affect SEO. So I went ahead and fixed several pages, and finished up the evening with a new article.

Today- I searched Google for " Should I trust Wealthy Affiliate "
Go Ahead! Do IT!!

I don't know how long it will be there for, but come back and tell me what position my website is. My can verify it's my url because my name is also in the results
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