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(NOTE: this is my first post here on this forum, and I wasn't sure where was the most appropriate place for this. Since I'm looking for feedback, etc. I thought this would be it. Feel free to re-direct me if there is somewhere more appropriate - thanks in advance!)

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This is my first post on the Warrior forum, although I have been reading threads here off & on since about March. I know we don't really know about each other yet (you can find out more about me just by googling my name or finding me under my name on LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook - happy to connect with anyone on any of these), but I enjoy openly collaborating with other people and wanted to share a tactic that worked for me last night (Saturday night).

I purchased their WSOs about 36 hours ago (the 14 day challenge, the Fast Cash & the Power Apprentice), and here's what I've done so far:

* listened to about 7 of the days so far
* listened to some of the calls (how to present the offline mind map, collecting the check, etc.)

* signed & submitted the commitment contract
* created & submitted my goals (first draft)
* created & submitted my 6-second pitch
* created my prospect list using the application you told us about (I grabbed attorneys & chiropractors in my state)
* implement custom Twitter background (been meaning to do this one for 6+ months; just not made it a priority)

I will be implementing the Craig's List approaches and starting on the Realtor package later today. These sound like great tactics and I am excited to get them deployed.

Also, I've already got 3 clients, with two more potential ones (one is a career-related company that just published a book & course; the other one is below). I wanted to share the lead from last night, because I'd like people to understand that business can come in from ANYWHERE - if you just let yourself look for it. After listening to the recorded calls from Maria Gudelis and Robert Nelson over the last 27 hours, I've been more open to these possibilities.

I've been active on LinkedIn for about 3 years, and Twitter for about 2 1/2 years (BTW - I'm happy to answer questions about those tools if you or any of your students have any questions on those - just ask! ). Last night I responded to an invitation from someone to join a group they started. Because I had nothing to lose, I thought I'd see if I could BAMFAM him via email, and get a meeting. Here's the thread (identifying information has been removed). BTW, I just noticed that I messed up his first name - DOH! - but I got him giving me times he could meet anyway!


Date: June 27, 2009
Subject RE: Corporate Planning & Global Industries
Hello Chris,

Thanks for your message; and I 'd be happy to have a conversation with you.

I'm free this week Monday afternoon after 12pm, and Tues, Wed, and Thursday from 10am to 7pm. Or pick any time the following week / month - any day after 10am New York local time.


On June 27, 2009 9:05 PM, Chris Kauza wrote:

Thanks for the invitation; I will join the group and am looking forward to learning from the group.

The website looks interesting, and I'd look forward to hearing more about it from you. Companies that can get their websites to sell more effectively see better valuations, competitive differentiation and market longevity - especially right now. I'd be happy to schedule a 10 - 15 minute phone call to discuss this a little further, if you'd like.

Take care, Chris

On 6/26/09 12:24 PM, XXXX X. XXXXXXX wrote:
Hello Chris,

I would like to invite you to join our relatively new group with 840+ members:


We focus on line-of-business (Michael Porter's five forces) industry information.

We would be honored to have you join us to add your expertise.


(At XXXXXXXX, we provide information on the Top 10,000 global industries; and we analyze companies at the line-of-business level)


He's a decision maker so I thought I'd try out a pitch on him. Worst he could do is say "No" which, for about 23 seconds of effort & thought, wouldn't have been a huge loss.

I'm not sure if he's a qualified prospect or not (meaning, does he have budget, will he pay for this now, etc.), but again, a 15 minute phone call just means that I'm 15 minutes better at making my pitch and closer to my next client (whether it's him or someone else).

I think this challenge is great - I especially like the suggestion you both have given everyone to donate some of their revenue to a charity of their choice. That's something I always encourage my clients to do as well. If people are looking for ideas on where to make a donation, I'd encourage you to check out the 501-c(3) non-profit I helped start almost a year ago (www (dot) UbuntuNow (dot) org). We take a global focus to some of the world's most pressing problems - and we leverage the power of mass media & social media to bring resources & make a difference.

The two biggest things I've gotten out of this so far is that I don't have to let the excuses I used to let stop me, stop me anymore. It's so easy to buy a product or service because the sales message makes you feel good about that future state you can see. But unless you take action, it's just a waste. I like the approach you two are taking to help your students take action!

Lastly, I am very excited to be part of this, and will be posting my actions & results here on this progress thread. Comments, feedback, suggestions, etc. - from anyone - are welcome.

Thank you both for the information you've given me so far. I really appreciate your passion & enthusiasm. It's so easy to let all of the negativity floating around slow you down, and it's great to connect with everyone!
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    Outstanding Chris!

    Always great to hear and yes - we got your commitment contract and assume that you've mailed in your goals to my office!

    In using Linked In - what level of membership do you have?

    Linked in is great- also for being able to find companies to present to as well!

    Keep up the massive action and yes - think it is important for everyone to motivate each other....

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      Originally Posted by Maria Gudelis View Post

      In using Linked In - what level of membership do you have?
      Thanks Maria.

      Great question. I now have a paid subscription (~$150/yr USD?), but I had the unpaid subscription for about the first 12 months. I decided to get one of paid subscriptions because:

      1. I thought it was a good tool & I wanted to support the company

      2. It's the cheapest business development database available on the planet - if you use it and work it.

      The technique I described above can be used by anyone, paid or unpaid member, so that's not an excuse. And it can be used in a variety of places - responding to regular emails, answers on forums, etc. You're just planting the seeds & seeing if they sprout.
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    I walked a client through the Mind Map this afternoon - and they were blown away!!! They have awareness of online revenue - but no plan in place to take advantage of it. She looked relieved and was more passionate about her business after we got done talking.

    Looking for ways to get in front of multiple people at once vs. one business at a time. Want to get workshops going, and am thinking of pushing up my goals re: bringing on pay-for-performance sales people who can qualify (and possibly close) appointments.
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      It's been a few days since I've posted because we've had some emergencies with various family members that we've had to help them work through (some health-related, some housing related - none of them good). I've also had to unexpectedly travel and so I've got spotty Internet coverage (I'm in a Charlotte Panera, at the moment...).

      I've spoken with 4 business owners. All of them are interested, none of them are paying for it. One (a friend) is starting an offline daycare (she's been doing daycare for 30+ years) and I'm using this to take her online. She's very excited about this! I'm also going to put together an information product for her, because she's got a lot of great information to share, that will solve a lot of problems for people related to parenting, day care, etc. The others gave me objections that included:

      - we've already got someone doing this for us; they're an Internet Architect and an "SEO Rockstar"!

      - we'd like to talk to you in about 6 months, after we've closed a few big clients & have more money in the door (I BAMFAM'ed him, and used this meeting to qualify him out); he'll go on the prospect list as a lower priority to follow up with

      - the other two said they didn't have any money and didn't want to (or couldn't) change how they were doing their advertising.

      4 conversations is not a sufficient sample size. 200 or more is, so until I contact 200+, the onus is entirely on me.

      Here's what I'm doing today and over the next few days:
      - placing ads for sales reps
      - speaking with a potential appointment setter / sales rep later on today (great phone & cold call experience)
      - checking out to create a target list
      - contacting local business office to secure space where I can conduct workshops for local business owners; I'll have a free / lead generation version & a paid / applied workshop version (open to feedback on content, what's worked well / not well for others, etc.)

      I'm sure there's more but can't remember at the moment. Listened to all 14 days of the Challenge recorded phone calls one time (GREAT RESOURCE, BTW! I absolutely LOVE having the recordings. They're great to listen to, and really help from an education perspective as well s a "what-should-I-do-next" perspective).

      My results:
      - no paying clients booked to date
      - no appointments or workshops booked to date

      Finding it difficult to maintain a positive, optimistic attitude. I'm not looking for cheer leading (I've got IRL friends, family and a dog!); I'm looking for actionable steps to take. If "A" doesn't work, then try modifying it like this AND you may also want to try "B", "C", "D", and "E".

      Feedback on the program so far:
      - support from Maria, Robert and their team has been good; their back office team is responsive to requests & email inquiries.
      - Maria Gudelis has been helpful in answering questions & providing information; I haven't spoken with Robert Nelson yet but I have the impression that he would be just as helpful. I'm getting the kind of support I want from them - I would like more (but I think that's more "my stuff"; they seem to be very willing to help...).
      - the concept of the Online Marketing Blueprint / Mindmap is GREAT and I am finding that:
      1. it helps structure the conversation with the business owner MUCH more quickly
      2. it enhances my credibility in front of a prospect (I spoke to a cab company owner on the way to the airport and they were really intrigued)
      3. it helps me provide a context for me to speak from; there are LOTS of different Online Marketing tactics to speak about and this helps provide structure

      While I haven't achieved my goal so far, I have made more progress towards it than I would have without this challenge. I think this is a GREAT product and if you're considering buying it do so. I'm not getting any kind of compensation or special support, I'm not paying anything extra for coaching (and I'm being respectful of their time too), and I think it's worth it. I'm looking forward to posting more progress in my next update...
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    Hey Chris!

    How are you doing now? I know we have a 1/2 coaching call next week but thought I'd check in while I'm on vacation this week.

    Have you been sending out emails as well? Remember that list of niches you can get from me - the actual emails of businesses - I sent out over 500 last week and got 17 appts. booked - you'll get the exact same ad copy/email script to use that I used as well as a bonus in the PA program.

    Just wanted to make sure you are also emailing as that is passive and powerful!

    Cheers, Maria Gudelis

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      Thanks for checking in Maria. I've sent out 12 emails and no positive response. Let's talk about this & the outline for a workshop on our call.

      What I have done:
      • I have ads for sales people in two cities
      • I have a location and need to set dates, for my workshop for business owners
      • sent out about 12 emails; 2 responses, no appointments booked

      What I am working on this week:
      • finalizing dates for the workshop, finding attendees and someone to do video & audio recording for me
      • draft outline & slides for the presentation (unsure of some of the content)
      • interviewing / hiring sales people
      • emailing prospects
      • meeting w/one client about their website (potentially a good referral source)
      • drafting a proposal for
        • web hosting (after transferring their current site & email from their current provider)
        • "fully optimized web portal" for $700
        • "SEO Website Analysis" for $700
        • monthly maintenance of the above (TBD - $200 - $300???)
      Where can I set up a good web hosting affiliate program, so I can make additional $$$ off of the websites I set up for clients?

      What else??? What am I missing / can and should be doing? I have no paying clients at the moment, although the momentum is building as I am farther along than I was three weeks ago.

      Stay tuned...
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    I've had positive response from one of my Craigslist ads (Maria's!) - 7 people, 2 flakes, 1 final interview tomorrow, and 3 others who sound good but not sure if they'll pan out.

    Had lunch today w/a potential affiliate partner for these services. He understand what I'm doing, but doesn't want to do it himself & would rather throw us the business (gotta love that!).

    Finishing up a proposal for $1400 plus $200/monthly maintenance for a small law firm; I'll worry about delivery AFTER they sign...

    ...Keep On, Keepin' On...
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      Hi, checking in w/my next update:

      - proposal out and pricing expires at the end of the week

      - made 38 cold calls to chiropractors in a neighboring town; I have 4 booked appointments (3 for Friday and one for Tuesday next week); that works out to be about a 10.5% booking ratio for cold calls. Now, to convert those to deals!

      - I have one sales rep who may / may not work out; we're speaking tomorrow

      - I have one (potentially two) inside sales reps who have great phone skills and can at least set appointments and also help fill workshop seats; at least one of them will also help pass out flyers to business owners.

      - I'm finalizing some collateral (flyers and maybe a brochure), and will get a website up soon; maybe this weekend

      One key take away so far is a reminder of something I learned 20+ years ago - the things that we think are holding us back are really a lot smaller and less powerful than we make them out to be. And having a bias towards action usually remedies most things.

      Honestly, I can't believe the traction I'm getting. If I can get past their gatekeeper and speak to the business owner directly, it's pretty easy to quickly build rapport and disqualify an appointment. And because this cuts horizontally, there's just a tremendous amount of potential here.

      What's next:
      - tweak the current ad, and place a couple of new / different ones

      - focus on workshops (setting up and filling); I already have a (free!) location and am finalizing on the video / audio production for them (at least one, but perhaps more than one)

      - want to send out emails and do an email campaign with phone follow up, as I think it will increase my close ratio with better, more qualified appointments

      - looking for ways to scale & to that end am drafting SOPs for:
      * phone calls (sample script, objections & rebuttals (which are pretty much, "o.k.; goodbye" and wait for THEM to hang up first: you'd be surprised how many of them acutally want to speak with you at that point)
      * email

      - thinking about direct mail, but will probably have others do that for me & either pick up that expense or use their existing resources to do it.

      As always, I'm open for feedback & suggestions on More / Better / Faster / Cheaper so I can quickly scale this thing!
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    Didn't realize it's been about 2 weeks since I posted - been busy! Here's the update:

    - my first outside sales person washed out - next!

    - down to one inside sales person, who keeps asking me when they can start making calls! (I'm drafting that this weekend; not expecting them to read it word for word, just want them to use it as a means for them to stay on topic and use their time efficiently)

    - out of the 40 cold calls I made to chiropractors, I had about 8 appointments, but did not convert any to sales. One might be interested, but given the amount of potential market I can address, I am going to come back to them at some other point & just drop off a business card & point them to the website.

    - this past week I have focused on setting up partnerships to promote the workshops, and will continue to do so next week. I have 8 potential partners who want to market workshops to their client base (representing several thousand people) over the next 1 - 6 months. This is goodness.

    - This weekend I am preparing some direct mail pieces (letters, and possibly some post cards; I just picked up Maria Gudelis'"Offline Postcard Profits" WSO), and will see if / how I can apply it to what I already have in process.

    The plan for this week includes:
    - install Paypal buttons / functionality on my website (so I can process payments)
    - install autoresponder on my website (so I have an example to point to, if nothing else
    - contact and set up more partnerships to promote the workshops
    - contact and create JVs to build my B2B sales force; on an individual & company basis
    - make more cold calls this week; the goal is to contact 200 businesses
    - send out letters to businesses; the goal is 100 (I bought the stamps today)
    - evaluate and consider implementing Maria Gudelis'"Offline Postcard Profits" WSO
    - I have two prospective client meetings set up for Monday and a webinar sales call w/a dentist's office for this week (TBD); I will close one client on $2,000 in new business this week

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    My week is not over yet, but wanted to provide this quick update:

    I just closed the Detroit attorney I've been working with, on the following:
    - transfer her website domains & emails from her current provider to me
    - do some on-page SEO (keywords, H1 tags, etc.)
    - $300 for the first month; $200/month thereafter

    She is interested in purchasing the following:
    - blogtalk radio show
    - press release / article once a month
    - social media package

    ...but doesn't have the money for that right now. My intention is to position each of these as another $200/month package (except for the Social Media package).

    several I've also got 3 people who want to promote my workshops (I have a half-day & a full-day version) to their contacts (most will be in-person, but some will be via webinars held over a couple of weeks):
    - #1 has relationships with MANY NPOs across the U.S.; I anticipate having that contract finalized today
    - #2 has a very successful website where I will be profiled on the front page (that will happen in the next 2 - 3 weeks) - so I've got to get so new head shots & video of me up (it kinda feels a little weird thinking about promoting ME, but hey - that's what Marketing is, right?!?!) She's going to promote the workshops to her list (of thousands), in conjunction w/her non-profit, and I'll donate a portion of the proceeds to them
    - #3 has a list of about 500 mortgage brokers (about 40% of whom are in Denver), and he wants to promote the workshop to them
    - #4 has a list of about 5,000 business owners or people interested in business, and we're talking about promoting the workshop / webinars to them

    - I've got a meeting w/the CEO of a local - and very visible - food bank whom I've worked with for the last 6 years. We're meeting on Tuesday to put together the details of how we should promote the workshop to their donor base (largely local business owners) and when (soon!). They LOVED the idea of doing this as a fundraiser...

    I've got a meeting on Monday w/a software company I've done work for (their a client of my other company), and they are not doing ANY marketing and have a "dead" web presence. They are trying to sell their way out of the economy, and so we're going to talk about online marketing and lead generation. They're tight on cash too, but I can always "make it affordable" with pricing options (i.e. - instead of $1,000 upfront, it'll be $500 upfront with a $300/month payment & a 6-month minimum commitment, etc.).

    Having a great time!
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  • Profile picture of the author Maria Gudelis
    Chris that is awesome!!! I'm glad that attorney finally went with you!!

    Now it will really start snow balling for you! The hardest part is your first month in this business...soon you'll be turning business clients away you'll be so busy!!!

    Cheers, Maria

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    • Profile picture of the author warbar
      Anyone reading this thread needs to sign up and take Maria's 14 Day Challenge. Just went through it and had a GREAT time learning from not only Maria and her associates, but also learned a ton and picked up a slew of great resources from other folks on the challenge.

      Do yourself a favor and sign up for the next challenge today!

      Ultimate 14 Day Consulting Challenge


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  • Profile picture of the author Foresight2020
    warbar, I couldn't agree with you more! 100%! Great information, well-worth the price point (which she SIGNIFICANTLY under-priced, IMO), and lots of great support to help with implementation. Start to finish - MARIA ROCKS!!!!!!!!

    And on that note, I'm going to close this progress thread down, as I think it's served its purpose.

    When I started it, I was skeptical and was suspicious of the raving testimonials that people had posted about Maria. I thought they might just be friends "shilling" for her.

    I've spent a lot of money on information products over the yesars to educate myself; I felt ripped off with many of them.

    I now find that I am one of the converted. I think I have spent about $600 w/Maria over the last 2 months. What is the ROI on my investment?

    * I'm looking at collecting much more than that over the next three months from one client

    * I should have another client closed this week for about SIX TIMES what I paid

    * I'm in early-stage conversations with 27 different organizations about doing online marketing workshops for their organizations.

    I feel that my money was well-spent and I have no regrets & I'm not asking for ANY refunds - FAR FROM IT!

    That aside, I have met some FANTASTIC people - real superstars who are giving of themselves, almost to a fault. I can't say enough good things about the people Maria has attracted and surrounded herself with, including:
    - Angii Anderton
    - Kara Charron
    - Tina Williamson

    In fact, because of Tina, I have a Twitter workshop lined up for the end of the month, and I have the potential for many more local ones across the United States, in the works.

    Bottom Line:
    I didn't know Maria before June 28 (when I started this thread) - but wished I had! I started learning and teaching myself SEO, etc. b/c I was trying to augment my current consulting business, and because I think it is interesting.

    Maria has a way of conceptualizing and presenting information that is easy to understand. And then she goes one step further by showing you (& supporting you) with ways to make money with the information!

    I haven't met Maria yet, and I hope to stay in touch with her and her company in the future; I would definitely look forward to an opportunity to work with her. I haven't partnered with her but based on how she leads with TRUST and works in an OPEN and COLLABORATIVE manner, I would be interested in doing so. In my 20+ years of working, I haven't met another professional who has been as giving, open and collaborative as she has been.

    When she has a WSO, take my advice - skip the copy & hit the "BUY" button. I know I'm going to!

    I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions, comments, etc. I'm happy to help you if I can...
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  • Profile picture of the author Maria Gudelis
    Chris - I now you are absolutely 'kicking' it now- and really great to see how you have progressed, the pain of the first month of the huge uphill battle of getting momentum, building your business etc. to see you now getting clients!!!

    I loved seeing one part of your thread LOL :

    "* I should have another client closed this week for about SIX TIMES what I paid"

    Cheers, Maria Gudelis

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    • Profile picture of the author Foresight2020
      ...thanks Maria - it's awesome!

      To everyone else - I don't plan on coming back here too often, but seeing as I've got momentum building, I thought I'd share with you where I am now, so you can see some of the other possibilities that you can create, if you follow the right information. Some of my most recent results include:

      * I've got 3 sales people on board now, and am looking to hire 7 more by the end of the month.

      * I have generated more than $6,000 in revenue in the last 6 weeks

      * I have over $10,000 in proposals going out in the next 48 hours

      * I have prospects I have pitched to - and not sold anything to yet! - making referrals for me, because the quality of the information I am sharing is THAT GOOD!

      Why have I produced these results so far?

      Because I took action with good information.

      Where did I get the information?

      - offline consulting / etc. - Maria Gudelis / David Preston / Willie Crawford / Andrew Cavanaugh
      - Twitter = Tina Williams

      IMO, you can't go wrong buying AND APPLYING these peoples' products.

      Best of luck to you...
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