How did you learn IM? Who/what is your greatest influence in IM?

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Hi Warriors,

Just been curious on how us, IMers learn IM?

What drives us to learn? Who are your greatest influence?
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    My greatest influence was Robert Kiyosaki. His "Rich Dad Poor Dad" got me into the self development work.

    Concerning IM, it was Frank Kern


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      I'm still learning more and more every day. But my greatest influence was a former work-out partner/trainer that always had us listen to Dan Kennedy while we would work out! He always tried to get me into the world of IM and I was just too full of myself then to take heed to his advice. I wish I had now, because that's so much time wasted, but I'm on it now.

      I stay driven every day more so for my betterment. If I waste a day, I go to bed empty. Like I've left something out or forgotten to do something that day. I actually feel accomplished if I learn even one thing a day. If I can write one article a day. As long as I accomplish something each day it helps keep me motivated to do more the next day. I remind myself over and over every day of what progress I make.
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    Greatest influence has been the various teams I've worked with. I've been blessed to have really talented, smart and dedicated people around me. This has made me learn and push myself more than anything. So it's not one thing but many small things that has influenced me the most.

    I read many business books, blogs, talks, ect but nothing compares to working with a really energetic team that "gets it". That"s how I picked up 90% of the things I know, from those interactions.
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      Stone Evans, Jack Humphrey, Willie Crawford, Rosalind Gardner, and Allen Says were all early influences.
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        I've enjoy studying and following Eben Pagan for a long time since he's in many markets rather than just IM.

        My path of learning IM was almost purely going solo for many years. Then when i had money i invested in coaches who had very specific knowledge which would have taken me months if not years of reverse engineering/studying to acquire.

        Overall I have to say I am my own greatest influence. It's learning to be hyper hungry and persistent no matter the challenges that will help you get along in any business, online or not.

        Eben describes a similar process for himself when he first started out; being massively persistent selling his first ebook.

        I honestly feel that's something you internally discover rather than learn from others.

        But in terms of "influence"...Eben takes the cake for me
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    As Neil Patel says (and who I consider a great IM teacher) ... it really comes down to is 4 things:
    1. Doing
    2. Teaching
    3. Questions
    4. Process
    The best guys I learned from are Armand Morin, Brad Callen, Willie Crawford, Matt Bacak, Mike Stewart, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Yanik Silver & Seth Godin.
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    Eben Pagan.

    Boring to listen but he provides what I can only consider the MBA of internet marketing.
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