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What dreams do you want to realize?

Do you want to realize a dream of a comfortable financial existence?

Or maybe you want to realize the dream of a world travel.

Perhaps your dream is to find the love of your life.

Your dream can take any form, it is only your imagination that limits your dreams.

Every person has a dream, whether they verbalize it to other people or not.

Every person wishes for something.

But, only a small percentage make their dreams a reality.

Why is this? Why is the rate of success for manifesting dreams into the physical world so low?

Why do the majority live in quiet desperation, never realizing there dreams?

What is the 'secret sauce' that leads to the manifestation of dreams into the physical world?

What is the fuel that powers and propels people to accomplish what was once a part of their imagination?

The answer is, their why.

Every person who has accomplished their dream has a 'why' behind it.

The principle is, if you do not have a 'why' behind your dream, your dream is bound to remain in your mind, never making it into the physical world.

Your 'why' is what is going to motivate you to take the appropriate actions needed to achieve your desired goal.

It is going to keep you running over the hot coals, when you are screaming in agony and pain, and just want to give up.

It is going to keep you from faltering under the constant pressure from the people around you to change course.

It is going to open your eyes up to talents and abilities that you never knew that you had.

It is going to develop your character in so many ways, making you are stronger and wiser person.

Your 'why' is going to be what is going to lead you to victory and personal greatness.

But, a 'why' has no power unless you define it.

You don't just need to define it, you need to clearly define it.

There can be no confusion as to what your 'why' is.

How do you define your 'why'?

It is simple.

The way to find the answer to any question is to simply ask.

You are going to ask yourself what is the dearest thing to your heart.

Your 'why' is always going to be something to benefit another individual or a group of individuals.

Your 'why' can even encompass the entire world, for example, if you want to make a global difference.

Do you want to create a better life for your family? If so, that is a good 'why'

Do you want to create positive change in people's lives? If so, that is a good 'why'

Your 'why' has to be selfless, instead of selfish.

You will not continue toward your dreams if you are doing it for yourself.

You need to have a selfless reason.

A selfless 'why' brings out the true power of the human spirit.

A selfish 'why' brings out the ego, which is a poison that erodes a person from the inside out.

So, what is your why?

If you don't define it, you will never realize your dreams.
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    I want to leave my mark on the world... I want to know that I changed at least one person's life for the better in a somewhat significant way.

    Automation at its finest -

    Put your mundane and busy work tasks on auto pilot.

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    I want to establish financial freedom and independence; the ability to provide for my family without ever worrying about making bills on time, putting food on the table, or making my beautiful girlfriend the happiest woman in the world with a beautiful wedding.

    Reminding myself of this every day keeps me motivated to learn more, work more, and persevere.

    Never forget your reasons for why you do what you do! Stay motivated, man!
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