1000th Post and hoping to portray something special form a special someone

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My dear wife who's account this was (again thanks to the mods who allowed me to keep it) used to be very active on here, and as she was approaching the 1000 post mark would sit for hours and discuss what could she say for her 1000th post to help others, ad value, and thank the forum.
Well unfortunately she never made it to 1000 post, and that task has been left up to me, and I have been very hesitant to post anything on here, as I still had no idea what to say that would do justice to an incredible person and her journey.

Positivity a key to success:

Many people find themselves looking online to make money due to unfortunate events like losing a job, or in our case a terminal illness meaning we could no longer work a traditional 8-5 job. Cathy was the poster girl of positivity I never once heard her ask "why me?" or "if only?". Dwelling on the past is the ultimate exercise in futility if it is not done as a way to learn and better ones self.

Within the realm of trying to make money online this becomes more and more apparent as the ever changing online environment has a way handing out massive negative blows. Recent Google changes have devastated peoples businesses almost overnight. The ability to take negativity and learn from it and continue rather than having it beat you will go a long way to creating a successful business. As one starts with online marketing there can be many disheartening things happen. The smallest victories need to be given your full attention and the failures you should learn from and move on.

We often take life too seriously and having had to deal with all we did made me realize that life has so much more important things than what we spend the majority of our time doing or worrying about. Making money online has the massive incentive of giving us time and flexibility to spend with our loved ones and on the more important things in life. Make that your goal for success not riches or materialistic things that we think can make us happy, money is the means to a better life but not the goal.
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    Alfred, congratulations on completing Cathy's journey to her 1,000th post. And what a potent message it is too!

    When all is said and done, I'm quite confident that no one has regrets of not spending more time working, but rather have regrets of the time missed with friends, family and doing things close to the heart.

    Cathy was such an inspiration and so kind and caring, a lady who had it all together. She was an example for us all.

    I'm sure she is so proud of you right now!

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    This is truly a touching message. Good on your for finishing the journey, and I send my best wishes your way for the future.

    I've dealt with a big loss this past month and it's rough, but your statement about dwelling in the past is a practice in futility if not done to better one's self hit home for me. It was a problem I dealt with forever.

    Thank you for this, my perspective might need some adjusting.

    Just all around great words from you, mate. Thank you.
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    Very sorry for your loss, Alfred. Your words are our gain.
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