The Fine Art Of Mindless Consistency

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Hey guys, I always see these techniques on here, and most of them actually probably do work.

But what I have realized through years of trial and error is that consistency is probably the most important thing a person can focus on. If you do the same thing, at the same time, every single day - you will be highly successful at whatever you do.

This goes for anything:

1. If you workout every single day, you're going to look better
2. If you hit on one pretty girl (or handsome guy) every single day, one of them is going to like you back, (and if you're me, it only takes one day, LOL, jk guys.)
3. If you read one letter of Warren Buffett's letters to stockholders a day for a year - you are going to develop excellent investor insight.

And the bad

2. If you smoke one cig a day - you will develop black teeth (and probably lung cancer)
3. If you eat McDonald's every day - you will develop health problems

Many people realize this, it's not rocket science - but people wonder; how the heck do I get out of this trap? I've found the solution to be quite simple and it has worked wonders on my life.

The Mindless Consistency Combined With The Power of One
I had a problem getting up in the morning, so one day, I decided to write down on the back of a business card: "5 AM", and I put it in my wallet. I also purchased a giant Easel Pad, and put "5 AM" on it. Every where I go, I focused on waking up at 5 AM.

After I felt that waking up at 5 AM was a permanent habit, I then focused on trying to read my goals. Every night before I went to sleep, I put a post-it note on my alarm clock that said "Read Your Daily Goals", and that would remind me. It also prevented me from pressing the SNOOZE BUTTON! (Good habits spillover unto each other.)

I then realized the power of one, and then focused my energy on improving consistency of one task. I asked myself, what is the most powerful, revenue producing activity that I can do every single day?

It was to send e-mails to business owners. If I did this every single day, I would be successful. So I have a formula for establishing a consistent goal:

"2 Hour of Attainable Work Results By Time Deadline"

Mine was: 10 E-mails By 9 AM

So I wrote that down everywhere in my apartment, including on the giant Easel Pad Post It Notes on the wall, on the back of business cards in my wallet, on my phone, on my desktop background. Whatever I went, I was reminded that I had to send AT LEAST 10 e-mails a day by 9 AM or my entire day was a failure.

That's the minimum, I could do more if I chose to, but my main target was 10 e-mails, anything else was extra and did not count towards my daily quota That was it!

Before I knew it, I was closing sales left and right; and it kind of hurt my ego, because I realized that the path to success is actually THOUGHTLESS and EASY. That was the answer that many entrepreneurs purchase BUNDLES OF EBOOKS FOR! They don't realize, that if they just take one of those eBooks and work at it every single day - they'll be profitable!

Where Am I At Now?

I'm making regular sales, and I have a list of successful habits that has me seeing huge numbers now, including:

1. Visualization
2. Meditation
3. Exercise
4. Reading (Books not Blogs)

Now, I am working on the art of giving. Thanks for reading guys, I hope this helped somehow!
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    Hi Chris, thanks for the inspirational post, top notch stuff.
    even though i already knew this and live my life almost the same way, it is ALWAYS good to be reminded to such things again and again.... because we forget, we really do, it's amazing

    so thanks again for this post and i bet a whole lot of others visiting this post of yours will be happy with this information too

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  • Profile picture of the author John d good guy
    Great post! Sometimes we need a kick in the balls to get us back to reality, especially chronic procrastinators like us.
    I'm going to save this post and read it over and over again.
    Once again, great post! Thanks for this.
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    • Great post Chris...I really resonate with it. My power word of the week has been "momentum". I also came to realize that although I have a lot of goals I want to make come true, I took the time to pick the # 1 priority and bring that one thing to life right now.

      It's amazing how the power of the subconscious can quickly manifest when your mind is not scattered but fully focused on one thing at a time!!!
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  • Profile picture of the author indygoraya
    It really is an inspiring post, it helped me realize how to get the goals I have set in becoming successful. It is actually a great thing that you have shared this with us, since not many of the people are aware of this kind of stuffs.
    Thanks for the post Chris.
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