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I just clicked on and and saw a ticking clock again. When I click on an ad and I see a ticking clock, I feel slightly irritated. We all know that it is supposed to make you feel a sense of urgency. However, it makes me feel that the seller underestimates my intelligence. Remember it is IM people selling to other IM people. You don't have to interested in IM for long to have heard about the ticking clock and what it is supposed to do.

Then there is the facebook like button - this is either to unlock something or because you have just watched a video ad. I never do this. If I click the like button, I don't even know who sees the like. People I know friends and relatives on facebook in particular and just anyone who knows me might see that I have liked something. It might look like a recommendation. I don't know anything about the seller and I want people I know to trust me. In addition, not all sellers can be trusted. So, I leave without clicking the like button - every time.

There is probably a way around this but I can't be bothered. If a potential seller wants me to buy something eventually, he or she should make it easy for me
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    same things. I prefer when there is a well written sale page, with good copywriting skills.

    And, like you say, It's IM selling to others IM.
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