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Few days back, I posted a thread on

Here is an addition to the same...

Human laws can be adjusted, manipulated and even ignored by some, but no one can do the same with the Law of 'Karma'. On the physical level, there is no time interval between an action and its reaction. If I throw an object in the air, it falls back immediately with the same force.
With the Law of 'Karma', however, there can be a delay between the action and its result or fruit. The seeds of certain actions (negative or positive) bring immediate fruit. Others can take years or even many births to bear fruit.
If I eat too much ice-cream, I will see the result or karmic effect of the negative 'karma' of greed within a space of ten-fifteen minutes in the form of a headache or after two days in the form of a cold and flu. This is an e.g. in which we realize the working of the Law of 'Karma'. We realize clearly the cause and its effect.
However on a subtle level, when we see the effects of actions, we do not realize that the cause may have actually been in a previous life. There is a total connection between the cause and the effect.

"I can say that there is nothing which happens to me for which I am not responsible. But that is sheer ignorance. Whether I remember what I did to make it happen or not, whether I realize it or choose to ignore it, I am ultimately responsible!"
This is the greatest fact of human life!!
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    I think the delay of the Karmatic effect is essential to remember. So often in this day and age we are used to have an immediate response/reaction. We expect things NOW or even yesterday for that matter. I think if we can remember that good now can bring good down the road, we may bring more good now... and visa versa. It may take more work to be a consciously nice and giving person, but that effort will come back in multiples.

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  • One thing you could look into is the law of attraction. I feel like they could relate.

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      Let me step outside of my regular box when i write my response. Some are going to think this is hogwash, and that's fine, but this is my take on this LoK as I have studied eastern religions and spirituality.

      Law of Attraction is our moment to moment attraction based on what we think. When we focus on something that thing tends to manifest into reality, no matter if it's something good bad, or horrible.

      A lot of people tend to attract a myriad of this because they are unaware they attract this into their lives. They think that their thoughts don't matter, it's what they do through their actions which counts, but that's only half right.

      Law of Karma can affect us through multiple lives. If we have conflict with another person but don't resolve it within a single life the universe doesn't allow tension to go unresolved so we meet our conflict person in another life to give us another chance at resolution.

      If we don't resolve for many life times the cycle just keeps on going and you can have tons of conflict with many different people and require that much more life cycles just to resolve the tension you created to begin with.

      Some say that physical contact with the person with whom we have conflict is not needed, merely that both parties need to do proper releasing of the tension through forgiveness in order to officially and vibrationally release the tension.

      But as long as that tension exists, so too does the karmic connection between the people.

      It can be thought of similarly as a "lesson learned" that both people must take away from each other/the situation in order to move on.

      On a much deeper level LoK works to bring people together through romantic relationships because, as we see so often, there tends to be a lesson learned from both parties rather than a truly loving relationship forming.

      This also means that some (actually many) relationships are simply formed in order for a specific lesson to be learned. There is always a reason for the relationship, not always merely for loving lasting companionship.

      True resonating love is not discovered until enough lessons are learned (tensions relieved) between enough people to allow a new set of lessons to be available to the person. In this case the new loving relationship would be a paradigm shift in energy, much like graduating high school to enter university; it's just new material, new energy, new everything just on a higher level.

      So within the very idea of LoK some people might have several rebirths simply because they're not "getting it" in terms of their karmic lessons and relationships with others.

      I know that may be hard to swallow for some, but that's just what I've picked up from studying this stuff at university level collaborating with professors of eastern religions to gain more a big picture view of the ideas
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        Originally Posted by heavysm View Post

        Let me step outside of my regular box when i write my response. Some are going to think this is hogwash, and that's fine, but this is my take on this LoK as I have studied eastern religions and spirituality......
        That's a very insightful and thought provoking interpretation of the Law of Karma. Many thanks for sharing.
        This philosophy of two people meeting again and again in different births experiencing Karmic retribution, has been very vividly portrayed in the movie "Cloud Atlas".
        Even in the book "Only Love is Real" by Dr. Brian Weiss he has elaborately talked about the fact that there is harmony in relationships only when two people who are destined to meet actually meet.

        So there are indeed many case studies and facts to offer testimony to your philosophy!
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    The laws of Karma work in all aspects of life. I had an IM Guru in here who shared his knowledge and wisedom with me. This lead to joining an excellent business model where I'm doing really well. Now every day I pay my sincere gratitude to him first thing in the morning, contact him via skype and will never forget what he taught me. The good karma he showed made him more successful whilst making me successful. I will now help others. So by doing good noble deeds, we are rewarded by the laws of Karma. I helped an old lady with some shopping today so I felt great and it was good karma.
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    Well, what goes around comes back around.
    True for all aspects of life.

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      I am afraid I do not buy into the law of karma. To me it is much like the christian threat of going to hell unless one is good.

      It is merely social control.

      One can never calculate the ultimate result of any action .

      A simplified example. I am walking along, stop to give a homeless man some change who goes off and buys some beer. Gets drunk staggers out into the road. A car swerves to avoid him and smashes into an oncoming vehicle killing my wife and children who were in the car.

      My good intentions cause me pain.

      Your argument may be, well it was something bad I did in this life or a past life that caused this to happen.

      Or how about this. I am walking along, see a homeless man begging. Hating beggars I go over and give him a good beating, enough to send him to hospital. Whilst being examined they discover he has an operable brain tumour.

      My bad intentions may save his life.

      You may put a similar argument that the man did much good in a past life etc..

      Most will have heard the saying that 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions' well the opposite can also be true.

      So, which does karma favour?

      Life is common sense. You do not walk into a bar full of drunken hooligans unarmed and start insulting them or start preaching the gospel for that matter and expect ....? but then again, WHO KNOWS?!

      Look deeply enough and it is very simple, but simple is not always obvious and not necessarily easy.

      The mind loves complexity, adornment. In the world of ebooks this is called padding, making it more bulky so that it seems to have more value.

      Simplify your view and things become clear.

      Of course like everyone else my view may be wrong. At the point of death we MAY discover the truth. Ohhh, wait.... to late.
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    Karma is so great! But is it?

    I recently heard someone bragging because the three people he screwed over today was ok because according to karma they had it coming. Although my darker sense of humor kicked in I was also reminded of the great missing link in Buddhism. Which is - after 30,000 volumes of writing and everything else Buddha said, no one (including him) could answer the question of what to do with the container that once held karma.

    What does that matter? The container is empty, right?

    The now empty, clean container that once held negative karma still holds the potential (temptation or expectation) that negative karma will be in it again.

    To eliminate this container – stops growth, brings just complacency and probably regression.
    Jung shadow work, which, ironically was based in part on eastern philosophy, began this deriving goodness out of shadow. Which is what Gutap is about. A system to being able to change negative into positive which works so well in science with things like batteries or cause and effect.

    Basic separation of light and darkness that happened twice in the beginning of the universe according to physics. Keeping negative generating into positive to keep things expanding and growing is the key.

    Toby Jensen - Master Life Coach
    Invest in what works this time.

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    "Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache" (Mae West)

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    why is it the law of attraction ..channels discount the punishment factor from past lifetimes ..

    i have been workign on view less things as either good or bad .. and looking at thing from the long term perspective of cycles of life

    my view of karma is different ... it is the system of dropping problems on your lap .. that you need to solve in order to grow ..because we human are lazy and tend not to grow without big problems to solve ..

    but we are now able to chose how to grow and not wait for karma to drop a problem on are toes

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      Something that I once read and I tend to agree with is that Karma is simply a matter of cause and effect, a kind of natural law which brings into our present existence the consequences of what we have thought, said, done, or caused to have done in the past. Basically, karma is a kind of boomerang which returns to you that which you put out into the universe, either in this lifetime or in others.

      In every moment, as you use your free will, think your thoughts, and take action out in the world, you are creating pleasant or unpleasant karma.

      Jainism, one of the originators of the concept of karma, teaches that karma is simply a tool, a means for your Eternal Self to thoroughly experience an aspect of life or living, or a theme, through many lifetimes. You revisit the theme until you have gained all the knowledge possible, and until the issues no longer matter to you, until you are no longer emotionally attached to them.

      Buddhism teaches that your motives and reactions are every bit as important as any action, saying that 'unskillful' actions or causes, in other words ones accompanied by craving, resistance or delusions, are the ones which produce unpleasant events.

      Meditation, counseling, spiritual study and other self-actualizing techniques help you learn to approach things from a higher perspective, to take life less personally. They help you, bit by bit, to stop being a host for 'unskillful' motives such as craving, fantasy or resistance--in other words, to achieve emotional maturity and detachment.

      As Carl Jung once said regarding unresolved emotions and the synchronicity of karma, "When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate."

      So, rather than being the Fickle Finger of Fate, or the booby prize in the Lottery of Life, karma is actually the natural law which allows your Eternal Self to gain broad knowledge, skill, maturity and wisdom while it goes adventuring, one life after another, on this earth plane!

      Just my 2 cents..
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    If you do good to others, something good happens to you and the people you did good to.

    If you do bad to others, sometimes something bad comes back to you.

    The problem is that when you do bad to others, bad comes to others.

    So, although justice might be served to the person who does bad, the people who bad was done to still suffer an injustice.
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