The Biggest Obstacle to Success.

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hi warriors,

just wanted to share my thoughts on what the biggest obstacle to success is.

I think in life generally our biggest obstacles are ourselves. We usually are our biggest critics and one of our biggest naysayers.

I've noticed that often times if I don't get the results I want soon enough then stinking thinking starts to take effect. The more time I spend on the Warrior Forum the more I realize that there is no easy way to get success but there are a lot of simple ways.

But the key to all of this is always action and focused effort. And if we can overcome the obstacles that we create for ourselves then success is virtually assured.

Persistent and focused effort is the key to success in all of life's endeavors. Now most of this is not revolutionary, but I thought it was important to add nevertheless. I don't think it is ever harmful to be reminded that our own success is within our own grasp and our own failures are oftentimes of our own doing.
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    I agree with you and the whole success movement is based on that. Thanks,Ed.
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        Hi Warriors,

        I agree, when we say ourselves is the biggest stumbling blocks to what we want and that block is coming from our mind.

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    Yes, as counter intuitive as it seems for most people, the biggest obstacle for everybody's development its themselves. It expreses it self thru many of our "ways".

    @imcmillionaire Its incredible but yes, most "people don't really use these key characteristics in order to pursue" anything hehe. For most humans "you can do anything you put your mind to" its only words used to explain the great amount of success of some people on any or many areas of their lives, but not something that they have experimented on their own. We know its true since most great people has told us so, but many lack the strengt to stop watching tv and put it to the test. At least we do!

    @ashley27 just be happy

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        One thing we have to learn is that we create

        When you walk into a cafe and trip, you feel
        embarrassed because you fell down in front of
        all of these people.

        Those people can care less about you or that you
        fell. You perceive that they were watching you
        and actually put any thought into it.

        So next time you feel self doubt, embarrassment or
        fear - just know that it is all in your head!

        It is just as easy to create confidence, belief and
        self esteem!

        "There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs"

        Company T shirts, Polos, Stickers, Banners!

        Gain some Wealthy Knowledge - It's a movement!

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    I just joined tonight, so I will have a go at replying to this message. I know for certain that the greatest obstacle I face is myself. There is no doubt, and I thank you for the reminder. Together, with your help and my motivation to overcome my obstacles, I will be successful. I have needed a place to here and read people who have a like mind. I do want to add one thing that may clarify where I stand on this issue with you. We, as human beings, have a two natures. One wants to see us succeed and be what we are destined to be. The other nature only desires instant gratification which ultimately leads to unfocused wandering and failure. Seeing this, a person may decide to be discouraged (a precursor to instant gratification - when I am discouraged, I am unfocused and I seek solace in pleasure). We forget about the person inside of us who wants to live in his/her purpose. Instead of being discouraged over the fact that we are two parts, we have to be excited because there is another revelation that empowers us. We have the power to choose which part we will embrace. Success is a choice, and so is failure. We have the power to choose which one we want. Choosing success becomes easier when we realize we are the ones in control of our own success. Then we go and do the things that you all are talking about. Focus, persistent action. Choose, and then run with it!!!
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      It's indeed you yourself is the biggest obstacle to any success. As long as you do have faith, strong determination, and really take ACTION and eventually there must be outcomes.

      Unfortunately, the results won't be always ideally a favorable one. But who doesn't come across failures before they're successful?

      After all, JUST DO IT!

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    We, as human beings, have a two natures. One wants to see us succeed and be what we are destined to be. The other nature only desires instant gratification which ultimately leads to unfocused wandering and failure.
    That was beautifully put together!

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    I tend to be the biggest obstacle. More times then not I end up over analysing things to death and then get side tracked. I get side tracked real easy and found that email is a killer to productivity.

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    Yes I agree, my biggest obstacle is myself.
    - When I'm too excited and eager about an idea, I get carried away and start daydreaming.
    - When I'm not excited enough, I lose focus and get distracted from my goal.
    - When I'm too happy I just want to call it a day and celebrate.
    - When I'm not happy enough I seek entertainment to cheer myself up.
    - When I don't know what to do I'm lost, bored and sleepy.
    - When I have too much to do, I'm panicked and the only way to calm me down is to sleep.

    The list goes on. If only I can just focus, stick to my goal, I know I would earn far more than any goal I may put.
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    I would rather live putting a concentrated effort into success, then living with regret for the rest of my life. The biggest obstacle is you and personal development is even more important in achieving success. The more you learn your strength and weaknesses and spend the time necessary to make your strength stronger and improve your weaknesses the better your results will be.
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    Remember that ACTION puts fear to flight!

    - and that FEAR stands for...

    "False Evidence Appearing Real"

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    Yes. I found my biggest obstacle and it is me.

    Everyday I spend a few minute each morning focusing. What's the one thing I should be working on? What's the one thing that is going to get me closer to my goals?

    Since I started using those 2 questions each day, I'm gettting more done.

    The other thing is that I also have to ask, what should I NOT be doing? Because I can get sucked into other activities.

    I combine that with:
    - I know enough
    - It's good enough

    and I'm off to the races!

    Dr Lisa
    Theory of Constraints Expert
    IM Newbie

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      Originally Posted by deuscypher View Post

      My biggest obstacle is being lazy. T_T I hope to change that, so that I could become better in the future.
      Most people aren't lazy, they are just uninspired by what they are working on. Are you working on something that gets you closer to your goal, that drives your passion?

      Dr Lisa
      Theory of Constraints Expert
      IM Newbie

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        I agree.

        Another thought is that we naturally desire instant gratification (and the media reinforces this constantly with advertising for products we don't need and stories of "get rich quick" success and lottery winners).

        But real success is about a series of small daily accomplishments that accrue to create your life's work. One day and one step at a time can build you a life to be proud of.
        Scott Fox
        Host of Click Lifestyle Business Coaching

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          The biggest obstacle to success...

          Lack of Motivation and Procrastination.

          I've suffered from both, but I'm grateful
          to have realized that I was my own enemy.

          And it's been tough to overcome them. They
          are like an addiction...always lurking around.

          You are always at risk of a relapse. But I'm
          determined to never-ever get in MY way again.
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    As stated about by many little or no focus is a major obstacle. I find seeking perfection
    in some tasks can lead to total paralysis in completing that task.
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