[AUDIO] Success: A 19 yr Old's Perspective. Justin Sachs Interview

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Justin Sachs was 19 years old when he conducted this interview with Gail Lynne Goodwin. Justin now owns a group of companies including a publishing company which is how I bumped into him. I think that Justin proves that it's not how old you are that matters so much in your quest to find the path to your own success. Anyone at any age (Justin was 15 when he agreed to attend a Tony Robbins seminar to get out of a few day's school) can have a massive impact if they hang around with the right people and absorb (then reflect) the right positive attitude.

Interviewer @ 4:10:
"What would you say to the kids listening right now on how they can change their lives? What could you say to them that could actually inspire them, today, regardless of where they may be on their own path in their own life?"

Justin Sachs:
Well, I think the first thing (really) is to just KNOW (without question) that you can actually accomplish anything. That (without question) if you really just put your mind to it, if you focus enough energy on it, if you believe enough in your mind and in your heart that whatever you want to do is possible, you can absolutely do that thing...
"What if I don't step up?" - Justin Sachs
So, where are you and where do you want to be? Who do you want to influence? Who do you want to really serve in your life and how are you going to serve them? If you do like Justin did and ask yourself these questions you might also be able to identify and describe for yourself where (specifically) you want to go.

Awesome stuff! Thought I'd share.
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