Robin Williams the other tragedy

by Odahh
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Now that it is weeks after . I am going to bring up something on the dark side of success .. that contributed to His commiting suicide .

90 percent or more of people who commit suicide are in a state of hopelessness or failure.

then there are the really wierd sudden no one saw it comming..just broke up with lover ones .

but what if you where successful for a long period of time.. you where drained out.. but had to keep being successful and could not walk away ..

Mr williams was in his 60's did not want to make as many films or work as hard because it left him so depleted ..but he had two ex wives to support and a family he had to keep the money rolling in .


this is a trap most people fall into when the get in debt and get to a certain level of monthly expenses based of income they need to work to earn .. and most people get to mr willians age and feel they are almost done or about to retire and relax ..but he saw he had to keep doing it making movies .hit movies putting everything in when he felt empty inside ..


Are you married to your success or are you able to walk away if it is not rewarding any more .
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    I think it's a little more complicated than that. He had serious health problems.

    Although, I agree that getting comfortable with a certain (very expensive) lifestyle can cause problems down the road if you can't continue putting out the work required.

    It's a tragic story all around.
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    what is this oprah??? I hope you invest as much diligence into your own state of mind instead of analyzing someone else s..

    Skunkworks: noun. informal.

    A clandestine group operating without any external intervention or oversight. Such groups achieve significant breakthroughs rarely discussed in public because they operate "outside the box".

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      Originally Posted by bluecoyotemedia View Post

      what is this oprah??? I hope you invest as much diligence into your own state of mind instead of analyzing someone else s..
      oh i have sir , because i was in a state similar to Him for a long time..not his success , but the mental illness .

      and for me i had to strip eveything back and only add things in that supprot my mental took year of tearing apart and analysis.

      so how many of the people with the fame and fortune and the wealth many are chasing..have misserable personal lives ..

      we can chase financial success .. and have lives that look very successful to many other people ..while it drains you ..

      there are other options for those with issues ..they can find their piece and something that support their financial needs while givving them somthing that fills them instead of depletes them . or a balance fill deplete fill deplete

      "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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    Originally Posted by Odahh View Post

    .. that contributed to His commiting suicide .
    And how, exactly, do you know this?
    If you don't face your fears, the only thing you'll ever see is what's in your comfort zone. ~Anne McClain, astronaut
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