Every one has 24 hrs to live. How do you divide them?

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Every one on this earth has only 24 hrs to live a day. Bill Gates, Obama, you and I have only 24 hours not a minute more or less.

Time is the Most Important Factor of Life.

How Do you Divide your hrs. Did you have a time table?

Did you set your targets and converted into dates and hrs?

Please share your goal, target and time table to help and motivate others.

here is mine that includes my goal, target and time table, technique:


Feel free to set my hours how you like!
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    I like something like this, but my days are kind of intuitive:

    I usually have a rule to keep left brain - logical, right brain - expressive/social, body - fitness/movement, and sleep - restorative parts to my day.

    As a rough example:

    8 hours sleep in a dark room (darken it to block the natural light)
    10 hours work
    1 hours in gym - re-energizes after left brain work
    2 hours social
    3 hours relax / eat / commute ...or whatever else during the day

    Something like that, sometimes more, sometimes less
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      Currently I schedule my days just by what feels right to me. I've never really liked set time tables. That's why I became an entrepreneur because I really couldn't someone telly be when I need to show or leave work. I do always write a todo list to get things done each day but I always keep an easy flow with everything.

      But obviously everyone is different, some people need set parameters and guidelines to be more efficient. I'm just a free spirit lol
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    I try not to use the word 'should' for myself, as it makes me feel obliged to do things. Creating a schedule and sticking to it creates pressure. And the thing with pressure is it makes you stressed-out faster, eventually resulting in under-performance.

    The best way to go about is to set milestones for daily tasks, and give your 100% to achieve them.. Never loose your cool and get anxious or worried..
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    I don't really believe in having a fixed scheduled every day. As long as you do the work you are fine.

    For me, it all comes down to making the right choices. This is the hard part. You can have the greatest plan in the world. But when you need to act upon it you choose to do something more instantly gratifying.


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    It all really depends on my day but a typical day of getting work done looks something like this:
    6 hours of sleep
    10 hours of productive work or meetings I have to attend
    (Whenever I work on something alone I take a 5 minute break every 45 minutes to keep my brain functioning well)
    4 hours for socializing, I usually try to socialize while eating
    2 hours to relax and have alone time
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  • I guess everyone is different. Strict time schedules might work for some people and ensure that they allocate appropriate time for various tasks.

    For me however I find I need the flexibility to do things, and find that at times I can be so absorbed in a certain task that I lose track of time, but then it's during these periods that I am really productive and get a sense of satisfaction from my work...
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    12 hour sleep and 12 hour enjoying with friends.
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    Dude, thanks for this! Here, I will share you my 24/7 schedule...

    The first thing you should start to change is your way of sleeping. It is very important in what time you go do bed and how many hours do you sleep. I am full with only 6 hours, but thanks to my meditation.

    The second thing is the way how you treat your body. It is very important how much water you drink during the day and what (when) are you eating. Drinking water on a empty stomach and before your meals is the best thing that you can give your body.

    The third thing is practicing meditations and prays (usually when you finish with your job) because it can really help you to restore your energy.

    The forth thing is sports activities. It doesn't matter what sport or activities you will choose, it always good to keep you body in good condition.

    The fifth and the final chapter of my day/week is meditations and prays before you go to bed, because it will help you to fall asleep.
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