The Less Known Million Dollar Short Story

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If you are stuck in your business, not knowing how to continue, not knowing how to expand, then you will find great value in this post.

Hanging on with my friend, I asked him, "Hey, there are millions of people out there on little earth. And so many names too. How many "names" do you know?". He replied, "Well, I've come across thousands of names. It's wonderful seeing man being so creative with names".

"Well then, name some of them...". He started, "John, eh, Josh... Alan, Arnold....". "Times up!", I replied.

Now, he complained that I didn't tell him about any time limits. But I made my point (which I explained to him). It's better to explain it to you directly.

Even though you may have heard of thousands of different names, you don't recall them when you most need them. You "think" you know so much, but it never comes to use when needed the most.

The same is with IM. You come across hundreds of strategies for IM and Affiliate Marketing or anything else, if you just spend a month or two online. But why is the cash register still empty?

It's because at the time when you think about your own business, you forget or don't consider the strategies that will make you money. Why? Because you forgot.

"Hey, that's a nifty way to promote a blog. Too bad I don't have a good one yet, but when I do, I'll try this", is your reaction initially. But a year later, when you have a great one, you never remember this "strategy" that can push your success even further.

What's the moral? If you find something good, or you come across a strategy that may be "workable" with minor adjustments in the future, write down about it!

What I normally do is, maintain a file on my computer. It has a short description about a technique or strategy I might have heard, along with a note on why I think it's cool, or the ways I plan on using it. I also include a reference to the book or ebook, along with the corresponding page number. This is also applicable to any "real world" experience you may have in your garden.

And I normally look at this list after a few days. Not only does it give you a different view of things, it also ensures you're using your potential to the maximum.

So, how can you start? Noting down things is easy, and that's what makes people overlook it. Why not reply below saying, "I will do it!", along with a description of how you're planning on using what I've written? Or do you feel you can do it later, or it's not worth the time? Would you feel the same about other important things?

This way, we all can boost our creativity and have the potential to make this world a better place to live.

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