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by FadKo
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Hi Everyone.
I need a help or your opinion.
I'd like to set up a service that will let send messages to mobile messengers like whatsapp, viber, imessenger. Actually, whatsupp service is working now and can send sms, viber is working also, but right now we settin up new servers to rise the quantity of messages.
How do you think, could the service be interesting for advertizers or small biz? As alternative for regular SMS marketing. And what price should be compelling for clients?

The advantages are:
1. Lower price than regular sms (or maybe not, if this is more effective)
2. Text up to 2000 letters
3. Can attach photo, qr, or vCard
4. People are not used to this way of recieving marketing deals, so the open rate is hight.
5. Can use geo-location and targeting (for free), or collect a databases of prospective clients from social networks (for extra).
6. As the messager works via internet and user is online, he/she can go directly to mobile web site or app, to get more information. The link is active.

What do you think, will be this servise prospective?
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    so did u started these services or not....
    do contact me on skype socialhubmarketing
    im already in to this kind of stuff
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  • Profile picture of the author Deepika Gabani
    i think QQ Mobile is the 2nd most popular global mobile messenger apps as of March 2015, based on number of monthly active users (in millions)
    And also facebook massenger, wechat, skype, line,Kik,Bleckbarry massenger is available for mobile massenger.
    Skype: Deepika.adattract
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    Your service sounds very interesting, however there are a number of downsides with it at the moment compared to SMS.
    1) Everyone needs to have one of your apps to get you messages
    2) Many message apps may not allow business messages at this stage
    3) Everyone needs a smart phone to receive app messages. In Ireland, just over 30% of people have a non smartphone. That's a third of the potential market that can't get your message compared to SMS
    4) SMS already has a 98% open rate, I can't see anything beating that

    So maybe in future when everyone owns a smartphone and apps are more established for business messages. BUt at the moment SMS is the most effective, extremely cheap and growing for business messages
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