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For the mods, I am NOT selling this. I'm seeking info.

I received an email from Bruce Newmedia last week, I'm very curious about this out, and I'm seeking imput.

He sent out an email promoting Instant LinkedIn Hero, a simple program which can connect you to hundreds or thousands of leads in 24-48 hours.

I've purchased different LinkedIn products before, and this seems to be a very fast way to put your name out there. I know contact is essential with those leads, and this would only be a lead-in.

I'm wondering if anyone has used this. I'm seeking to start mobile website and app sales, and LinkedIn can be a valuable B2B leads resource.

Anyone used it?
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    I purchased the software and it fails to connect to LinkedIn. When i first contacted support, they were closing my support tickets and deleting them without a remedy. I first contacted a "leecole" and he referred me somewhere else, and when I reported on the webinar to the woman who was giving it. I was then again directed to contact support and LeeCole who then sent a serial which i hadn't received upon purchase. It opened the software but it failed to connect to LinkedIn and gave me an error reading. I have asked for a refund, because I am tired of fooling with it and there slow support 9or inadequate). They will probably closed the support ticket as resolved again without answering or taking action. I would not purchase the software if I were you. That has been my experience with it.....
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    Yes, I have tried to use this and the old version didn't do anything.
    Support sent over a locked zip file of a new version 1.3 which has yet to validate any license key and work.
    Lee Cole ignores all my emails asking for any help.
    All support continues to tell me is disable firewalls, update .NET to 4.5 and all the usual things that has yet made any difference to the box that pops up and says Invalid license key.
    Have waited and waited to use the new version to no avail and slow, slow support.
    Have yet to see anyone that posts and reviews of using this software.
    Thought I'd at least put in my experience also for you.
    Wouldn't buy it.

    Be Happy ;-) Change Your Energy, Change Your Life!

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    Just to let you guys/girls know: I purchased this and have used it successfully.

    I started with about 134 connections. I have over 1400 presently, and they come in daily. Don't know why, since I got this 2 months ago. Got hundreds the first 24 hours. It works for me. PM me if you want me to link you up--no charge.

    To be fair with all: this uses your Linkedin email and password to link your account. I'd need this for the software, nothing else. I have offered this to half a dozen people, and all were nervous. No takers thus far. I'm just offering.

    Edit: I'm not offering this since Hero hasn't been working lately for me.
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    How to be popular in linkedin??? I'm connecting friends, But not responsible result.
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    Your profile is how people will get their first impression of you. I can give you profile templates for you to personalize if you'd like.

    So, if it's not anything they're interested in, they'll keep on searching. What do you market?
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    I purchased and used this software successfully. It did get me over a 1,000 connections right away. And I had no problems with it installing or running. I even used it to help some other people.
    Thank goodness it worked. I can believe the comments about poor support. Lee Cole answers your support tickets quickly, but doesn't tell you anything. He refers you to their tech support who does NOT answer expediently, and when they do do not solve the problem. Case in point: Their new software AutoNgage. Terrible support. Just released yesterday and I purchased the Pro version. Installed according to their directions and didn't work. Never got a response from tech support, though I guess they answered Lee and he passed it on. Guess what the response was? Update NET to 4.5! I eman do they have a moron working that desk? It had nothing to do with NET. It was a file permission problem which I fixed myself after I got tired of waiting on them. Now the software does not work ahve the time. It just sits there "Doing Startup...".
    These guys also do not seem to be able to provide you with some accurate and direct operating instructions. I found 2 youtube videos by Mike Jones that indirectly told me how to use it. But anything on their website in the members area about how to operate it? Nada. They didn't even link to the Youtube videos.
    Overall I cannot recommend these guys. Definitely not AutoNGage at this time. Gloria, Lee, and Mike seem to have jumped on the LinkedIn bandwagon and are pumping it for all its worth. But they don't give support, and their software only works poorly at best.
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    Any updates on getting AutoNgage to work? I ask since I'm still looking over its benefits for reputation management. I'm looking to work with a real estate broker who doesn't utilize Linkedin heavily presently, and this would increase exposure.

    Regarding NET 4.5, I had to install in when I revamped my hard drive and reinstalled Linkedin Hero. I thought I had everything I needed....but Hero was stuck "loading". Once I installed it, it worked fine.
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      Yes, thanks for buzzing me. I was going to update my post.
      The software seems to be working ok now. They issued an update yesterday and I have ran it 3 times. No problems. So...I think I can recommend it now. And it is effective in establishing a dialog with prospective leads.
      Unfortunately, I cannot say that their support has improved. It has not. I did not receive a single reply to any of the tickets I submitted to their tech support. It amazes me that experts in social media would so blatantly ignore what they teach others.
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    I purchased AutoNgage Pro, tried to plug in the license, and it gave me an error. I tried again, same response 2 days ago. I messaged support, and they said they were doing an update on it. I plugged in my license info this morning. Same error message.......grrrr...

    Is yours still working?

    Thanks for the imput. I've not had much software trouble in the 3 years I've been online. But....I'm concerned. I'd offered a Fiverr gig using Linkedin Hero. Someone took it 2 days ago. I plugged in his info, unsure how it'd go. I asked him a day later about results, and nothing had happened. I Paypal'd his money back.

    Are these guys making junky software? Hit and miss software? I'm seeking solutions, not problems.

    I've never refunded software, but Lee gave me 7 days. Maybe. Will see.
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      My software is working fine, the Autongage I mean. If you are running Windows 8 the problem might be file permissions. Thats the problem I had and I fixed it on my own. Their support is absolutely awful.
      As far as LinkedinHero I have not had a reason to use it. Unless someone is doing like you did and hiring it out as a service, its a one time deal. I did use it 3 times when I first got it, and it worked fine all 3 times. But that was like 3 months ago.
      I would test it if I were you. Set up a linked in account just to test it. You can then delete the account. What happens is if it is working properly you will get about a 1000 new connections in the next week. If you don;t get any then something is wrong.
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    Jackheape, would you mind sharing the video you used which fixed your problem? And I'm using Win7, not 8.
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      There is no video. Go to your main drive, click on programs, right click on autongage pro file, select properties, select security, and on file permissions make sure that under users you have all permissions allowed. Also, when you install the software you need to make sure that all firewalls and virus software are turned off.
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        Update: I've been using AutoNgage successfully for a couple of weeks.

        My problem: I had to run it as an administrator. Nothing else.

        I'm using it daily now, finding out how it works. Support is on/off/on/off, but I've had no real problems, just questions.
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    I have constantly just been trying to get the Linkedin Hero software after purchase, but never received it.
    Why or how can these people be allowed to generate and sale new software after such terrible support. It seems their accounts should be terminated. I am going full blast to JVZoo on this one. Enough asking him for the proper support. I nevver even got the software I paid for. Just a link to buy two more products
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