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Looking for any easy wysiwyg design tool that I can use to build a mobile web site. Any recommendations?
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      Originally Posted by Silvio Porcellana View Post

      I know it's a shameless plug but I really think you could find our mobile websites builder useful. You find it at Build and resell mobile websites and native apps with

      I am the creator and CEO so if you need anything (like for example a special discount as a fellow Warrior ) just ask...
      I know I am nobody but I can happily recommend Silvio and his product. It works great and the support is excellent.
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    try this provider, they give out free sales and marketing materials if you become their member:

    brick&mobile: The Mobile Reseller Experts | Mobile Website Builder

    Friendly advice, useful tips...
    Raymond B.

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    It depends on your budget. Some can be pretty pricey if you're just starting out. Are you looking for a web-based solution or a offline software?
    RESELLERS WANTED: Lucrative Opportunity for highly motivated entrepreneurs to Resell Innovative Mobile Sites. CLICK HERE
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    Is it possible to turn a Mobile Website into and Mobile App? If Yes, which software can do it?
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    Dreamweaver is it best wysiwyg design tool. I use this tool for desiginng HTML websites.
    Like to share informations related to web solutions, professionally provide web application development services.
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    Yeah, Dreamweaver in concert with something like Phonegap would work well.
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  • The only problem with Dreamweaver is that it doesn't really help you produce some useful JavaScript - which is nowadays a pretty vital part in any website, mobile or not...
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