Mobile Traffic: Trade with the trend!

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Almost everyone has their mobile phones and gadgets. You could see almost everyone looking at their phones as they walk along busy streets. When you eat at restaurants, you could sometimes see people taking pictures of their food using their own mobile and gadget. At home, as young as 1 year old babies, even have their own mobile devices such as tablets and iPads (for viewing child friendly videos and games). As of now, almost everything is associated with mobile devices. As an online marketer, you just don’t want to focus on your viewers that use PCs.
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    Mobile traffic is the way to go right now...
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    Completely agree with you!!! People are getting mad of mobile and gadgets. I have visited your blog, its really amazing, informative and knowledgeable.

    Salma Ali

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    Yes, the mobile becomes most internet usage because tablets and smartphones are easy and light to carry.
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    Mobile is also seeing big growth in emerging economies. The ability to purchase a cheap feature phone and use the internet with it means they're a more viable option than larger, more costly devices.

    It's being estimated that mobile device traffic will overtake desktop by 2017. It just makes sense to up mobile presence.
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    This belongs here
    Mobile Marketing
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      Yes, these days smaller kids become more smarter just by operating mobiles
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