What kind of market research do you do before designing an app?

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I've took Chad Mureta's App Empire Video course and also read the book. His marketing strategy was pretty basic I found. He suggested looking at the top apps and using your judgment estimating whether it will still be something that people would want in the future.

His whole philosophy was creating a better version of "already hot" products.

Simply taking this strategy that was first written about I believe was "2011", would probably be even harder to implement now with the over saturated market.

What strategy do you guys use before investing a gazzilion dollars into building an app?!???
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    you don't have to invest a gazillion dollars to build an app. You just got to know a system and the know how to build any app without investing that type of money.
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      Personally for me, through 3 years of experimenting, I have found my sweet spot for apps. I have tried building apps that require many hours or outsourcing parts to complete vs. lower quality, less complex apps.

      Obviously, you have to measure the risk versus the reward. What are you willing to risk in the off chance that it will be profitable. I have colleagues that have spent $2K on an app that earns $50 a month. Gonna take a LONG time to recoup that investment.

      I have tried the low quality, crank them out apps without any luck. Where I have found the best return is in apps that I can build myself in the 4-5 man hour range. All the apps are free and earn via ad displays, push notifications, affiliate and CPA offers.

      I can typically publish 5 apps per month. So if I have 25 hours invested, my typical results look something like this.

      1 app does horrible and earns $5 per month
      3 apps do well, but not great and earn $30 per month (each)
      1 app is awesome and earns $100 per month

      So if I stopped there, I would be earning $200 per month (rounded from $195)

      After a month, 25 hours of time for $200 works out to $8 an hour. Horrible. But, the 5 apps continue earning for many months, if not years. So after 12 months, they have earned $2400 total which is almost $100 an hour.

      I will leave the math to you guys, if you published 5 apps a month with the results above.

      Everyone is trying to hit the next Candy Crush or such, but unless you have a huge marketing budget, it will be hard to get there. Every once in awhile, a Flappy Bird comes around, but you might as well buy lottery tickets instead. :-)

      Find a comfort zone and start building a business rather than trying to hit the grand slam on one app.

      That is of course my opinion. I will admit that an app that I create today that earns $30 a month now, earned $75-100 per month 18 months ago. Some niches are getting overcrowded for sure and it is getting harder to stand out, but I am still very pleased with my success.

      Hope this helps.
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        So your strategy is to continuously create multiple apps. It is also something Chad Mureta said he did in his book, however Chad never mentioned NOT to go for the big slam.

        His stance on the whole app making business was that it is a HOT market and at one point he was feeling smart that his first app only cost him 1800$.... ONLY..

        The usual price to design an app ( from a competent developer ) is starting at around 3.5k

        I really don't know what kinda apps your colleagues are building for 2k, sounds like very basic apps to me.

        I know there are people spending 20k - 100k per app for some of the more complex one's.

        Now if the app game is a numbers game to you like you say, then it's surely a great way to lose your shirt. And I sense you're trying to say that no market analysis is a guarantee of creating the next big hit. Only 1 out of 5 of your apps hit "BIG", do you do market research? And if so what kinda market research do you do???

        I tried outsourcing apps for cheap, it doesn't work.. you get what you pay for, so based on your numbers and with my calculations it doesn't seem like the app game is worth it anymore...

        50$/ month? 100$/month.. and you're already using all those marketing strategies..

        What about 10,000/month or even 100,000k/month? Chad Mureta was surely indicating that anybody can do it if they apply his strategy.

        Are the days where these large figures were made by competent mobile marketers and strategists long gone?

        Has the mobile boom turned into the .com boom, where the late birds are now fighting for scraps?
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